Club Ten

The first four races at least will be run on the A1 course. Starting on the old A1 near the Holiday Inn. Turn will be at Clifton, Morpeth. The first two races will start at 6.45p.m. because of the light. H.Q. will be at Arcot Lane ends on the A1068 near Seaton Burn.

Enter on the night.

Event Info

The night was sunny and dry with a fairly strong and cold North east wind blowing down the course, making it hard to the turn and not a lot of help coming back as it was a cross wind. However it did not stop Harry Walker producing his customary fast time of 22.23 and beating Barry Lane with 23.07 and Andy Fuller with 23.19. These times are slightly slower than there usual, but this is probably due to the addition of the Mont Ventoux of the slip road onto the old A1 coming back. Many thanks to the marshalls for their help, especially Mick Scrowther and friend at the old A1 slip road on a cold night.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1H WalkerSwift Racing 22:23 26.81  
2B LaneGS Metro 23:07 25.96  
3A FullerGS Metro 23:19 25.73  
4M MallenGS Metro 23:44 25.28  
5A HogarthTyne Vags 24:13 24.78  
6K SibbaldCramlington CC 24:36 24.39  
7I DavidsonTyne Vags 25:05 23.92  
8P JackNPCC 25:37 23.42  
9J AllenBarnesbury CC 25:49 23.24  
10C HortonBarnesbury CC 25:50 23.23  
11T HaganDerwentside CC 25:56 23.14  
12G BurnNewcastle Cheviot 26:16 22.84  
13P MannersBarnesbury CC 26:34 22.58  
14D WinthorpeTyne Vags 26:44 22.44  
15J AshberryCramlington CC 26:45 22.43  
16K WattsTyne Vags 26:54 22.30  
17R SillWansbeck CC 27:29 21.83  
18P AtkinsonCramlington CC 27:31 21.80  
19D FullerGS Metro 27:40 21.69  
20P SchultzTyne Vags 27:56 21.48  
21R HogarthTyne Vags 27:58 21.45  
22E M PottsBarnesbury CC 28:02 21.40  
23A SillWansbeck CC 28:10 21.30  
24G CoatesHadrian CRT 28:40 20.93  
25A HolmesTyne Vags 28:57 20.73  
26G StilgroveGS Metro 29:36 20.27  
27S YoungNewcastle Cheviot 29:43 20.19  
28M FrenchBarnesbury CC 30:32 19.65  
29A TaylorTyne Vags 31:30 19.05