BCC 10

Event Info

A lovely warm evening with slight breeze made conditions almost perfect, but not quite. The course record was missed by 5seconds, and it was the course record holder, Chris Humphrey, who did a 20m 34s ride to beat Brian Walker by 40secs and his brother Harry by a further 29secs. chris Yates Otley CC (22.24) and Barry Lane GS Metro (22.38) were the only others inside 23 minutes.

Mick French of the promoting club continues to improve by providing another personal best of  28m 38secs, well done.

S Johnson, the son of well known road racer Brian Johnson, did his first ever ride and did 30min 13secs, well done again. This time is now a target to be beaten.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1C HumphreySports Cover 20:34 29.17  
2B WalkerSwift Racing 21:14 28.26  
3H WalkerSwift Racing 21:53 27.42  
4C YatesOtley CC 22:24 26.79  
5B LaneGS Metro 22:38 26.51  
6K DavisonHadrian CRT 23:12 25.86  
7B NicholBarnesbury CC 23:12 25.86  
8P AtkinsonCramlington CC 23:48 25.21  
9K SibbaldCramlington CC 23:57 25.05  
10P IfflandNPCC 24:11 24.81  
11K DelaneyInfinity 24:12 24.79  
12J AshberryCramlington CC 24:27 24.54  
13A MacaulayTyne Vags 24:55 24.08  
14P MannersBarnesbury CC 25:30 23.53  
15E DeyTyne Vags 25:58 23.11  
16D HedleyGosforth RC 26:50 22.36  
17D WinthorpeTyne Vags 27:01 22.21  
18C GrayBarnesbury CC 27:10 22.09  
19T MileyNPCC 28:14 21.25  
20M FrenchBarnesbury CC 28:38 20.95  
21S JohnsonTry It 30:13 19.86