Club 10

Event Info

A cooler evening with a brisk South Easterly wind , produced a storming ride by Collin Humphrey with a 21.01, beating a recovered Harry walker just beating his brother Brian by one second. Brian, however has the National 12 hour race in his legs so would not have been feeling tooo fast i think.

The last ten of our year so thanks to all riders who have supported our races and many thanks again to the stalwart backroom staff of Robin and Pat Nichol who dish out the numbers ans signs, together with Trevor Leightley who also puts out signage and organises the start and the marshals every week Alan Wilson also who does the finishing times most weeks. These are, together with all the volunteer marshals, the people without whom we could not operate a round of applause for them all and a big thank you.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1C HumphreySports Cover 21:01 28.55  
2H WalkerSwift Racing 21:54 27.40  
3B WalkerSwift Racing 21:55 27.38  
4M HooleyHadrian CRT 22:48 26.32  
5N PaytonSwift Racing 22:51 26.26  
6C FenwickTyne Vags 23:21 25.70  
7K DavisonHadrian CRT 23:23 25.66  
8M GarnettInfinity 24:05 24.91  
9A HaleBarnesbury CC 24:12 24.79  
10P AtkinsonCramlington CC 24:13 24.78  
11K SibbaldCramlington CC 24:15 24.74  
12K DelaneyInfinity 24:52 24.13  
13C HortonBarnesbury CC 25:05 23.92  
14J AshberryCramlington CC 25:13 23.79  
15A MacaulayTyne Vags 25:59 23.09  
16G CoatesHadrian CRT 26:48 22.39  
17D WinthorpeTyne Vags 26:58 22.25  
18E M PottsBarnesbury CC 27:08 22.11  
19E DeyTyne Vags 27:24 21.90  
20C GrayBarnesbury CC 27:48 21.58  
21M FrenchBarnesbury CC 29:21 20.44  
22K RaeCramlington CC 30:08 19.91