Cyclo Cross

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The First race was an individual time trial, the result of this stage is:
1st Place    Joe Davison       Ferryhill Wheelers          1 minute and 17 seconds
2nd            Daniel Mould     Newcastle Pheonix CC    1 min    29 sec
3rd            Jake Dobson      Newcastle Pheonix CC    1           39
4th            Jack Watson      Barnesbury CC               1           44
5th            Nathan Mould    Newcastle Pheonix CC     1           50
6th            Louis Bonnin      Newcastle Pheonix CC     1           57
7th            Joe Hodgson      Barnesbury CC               2           18
8th            Amy sanderson  Newcastle Pheonix CC    2           22
9th            Jack Morley        Barnesbury CC              2           43
10th          Daniel Holmes    Tyneside Vagabonds CC 2           44
11th          Rebecca Mould   Newcastle Pheonix CC    2           59
12th          Pete Watson      Unattached                    3           14     
The second stage was a handicapped, devil take the hindmost type race with the last rider been elimated on each lap (no riders eliminated in first seven minutes of race)
1st place      Daniel Mould                lives in North Shields
2nd place     Joe Davison                             Yarm
3rd              Jake Dobson                            Whitley Bay
4th              Joe Hodgson                            Morpeth
5th              Jack Watson                            Cramlington
6th              Nathan Mould                           North Shields
7th              Louis Bonnin                             Gosforth
8th              Daniel Holmes                          Bedlington
9th              Rebecca Mould                         North Shields
10th            Amy sanderson                         North Shields
11th            Jack Morley                              Dudley
12th            Pete Watson                            Cramlington
(area where they live detailed)
The overall winner was worked out based on points awarded in each stage the overall result was:
1st             Daniel Mould       U16
2nd            Joe Davison        U16
3rd            Jake Dobson        U14
4th             Jack Watson       U14
5th             Joe Hodgson       U12
6th             Nathan Mould      U12
7th             Loius Bonnin       U14
8th             Daniel Holmes     U8
9th             Amy Sanderson   U16
10th           Rebecca Mould    U10
11th           Jack Morley         U12
12th           Pete Watson        U8
(age categories stated)

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1J DavisonFerryhill Wheelers 01:17 233.77