Club 10

Start Times and Rider Limits:

Date(s) First Rider Off Max Riders
18-25th April 18:31 45*
2nd May - 31st July 18:46 60*
7th Aug - 28th Aug 18:31 60*

*The max no of riders is subject to change depending on light/weather conditions.

Marshalling Rota

The Club 10's cannot run without marshalls and it is expected that all regular riders will marshall at least once in the season. To ensure that we have the required number of marshalls at each event we have introduced a Queue Jumper system where if you volunteer to marshal on a specifc date then we will allow you to pre-book your start time for the subsequent 3 weeks (nb - this is subject to change depending on the popularity of the scheme). Given the popularity of the Club 10's this will be well worth doing. You can register for this system either by asking at the sign on at the events or contacting us via the contact form on this site. The marshalling rota can be viewed here.

We strongly recommend (in all conditions) the use of a rear light.

Check out yours, your rivals, your mates and your Clubs times over the season(s) in the Club 10 Stato


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Route Map

Sign-on is on Nelson way at the Junction with Colbourne Avenue. Approx nearest Post Code is: NE23 1WD

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For good quality reprints of photo's in our galleries, contact Eric Potts via the contact form.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1C HumphreyAchieve 20:48 28.85  
2M HarrisNPCC 22:27 26.73  
3N MartinTyne & Wear Fire 22:39 26.49  
4K AtkinInfinity 22:42 26.43  
5M StrangWansbeck CC 22:44 26.39  
6B MetcalfTeam Swift 22:50 26.28  
7J CannBlumilk 22:57 26.14  
8B LindsayBerwick Wheelers 23:04 26.01  
9A NivenTri North 23:14 25.82  
10C YatesOtley CC 23:24 25.64  
11B JohnsonBarnesbury CC 23:46 25.25  
12P WhitehillInfinity 23:52 25.14  
13J AshberryStay Classy RT 23:56 25.07  
14G DunsmureEMC 24:02 24.97  
15L TaitTri North 24:07 24.88  
16T WilkinsonBarnesbury CC 24:36 24.39  
17K SibbaldCramlington CC 24:50 24.16  
18A WilsonCramlington CC 25:27 23.58  
19A DicksonBarnesbury CC 25:58 23.11  
20J SlaterBarnesbury CC 26:09 22.94  
21J McCourtBarnesbury CC 26:12 22.90  
22T PattisonTri North 26:13 22.89  
23D BallantyneEMC 26:31 22.63  
24I McLeanTyne Vags 26:43 22.46  
25I FaulderVTTA 26:47 22.40  
26J McCarron- 27:28 21.84  
27J MabbillCestria 27:48 21.58  
28B KellyBarnesbury CC 27:56 21.48  
29M TigheCramlington CC 27:57 21.47  
30B WellsF4L Coaching 29:30 20.34  
31M MorrowTyne Tri 29:48 20.13  
32J MellingCramlington CC 30:18 19.80  
33D Linford- 30:38 19.59  
34L TurnbullBarnesbury CC 30:56 19.40  
35A Hames- 38:26 15.61