BMX Youth Coaching

Barnesbury CC will be running coaching sessions on the BMX track at Gallagher Park, Bedlington from Saturday 4th January 2014 starting 10am and every 2 weeks after that. These will replace the regular coaching sessions on those days. For safety and insurance purposes the riders must have certain equipment in order to take part, these are:

  1. BMX bike in good condition with a working rear brake, NO stunt pegs allowed! If your child's bike has stunt pegs could you please remove them prior to the session.
  2. Full-face or skate style 'potty' helmet.
  3. Full-finger gloves.
  4. Long sleeve top. 
  5. Full length pants or shorts with knee and shin protection.
  6. Flat trainers, no clip-in allowed.

If you want to try BMX racing but don't have any of the above items the club does have a limited amount of equipment to borrow (helmets, pads, bikes for 10 years+) but get in touch early to avoid disappointment!

£1 for Barnesbury members, £3 for non members

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