Youth Coaching - Trip Away - Chopwell

Youth Coaching Trip Away - Chopwell Woods. Rescheduled from 31/05.

Time to put some of the skills you've learnt into practice...parent riders are more than welcome to attend and their help will be greatly appreciated. We'll meet 10am at the far end of the car park which is the trail head for the Powerline run. There we'll have a quick safety briefing before heading off through the beginning of the trail with one coach leading and one bringing up the rear. We will regroup at the fire road then head to the 'northshore' section for a bit play before carrying on to the Powerline run proper.

The Powerline is a trail of 2 and bottom. The top half is quite technical for younger riders so we will negotiate it in small easy sections so you can all get a good look at it. There is another piece of 'northshore' here but is extremely technical (graded black) and will only be riden by experienced riders with parental consent.
Once half way down we can return to the top and ride it again if the majority wish to do so.
The bottom half is a lot faster and more flowing and apart from a steep descent at the end is easier to ride. Again we will initially break it up into smaller sections for you to get a good look at.

As the trail loses a lot of height we will concentrate on the bottom half so as not having to ride all the way back up each time. However if desired before the session is over we can ride all the way back to the top for a complete run.

Be aware that the trail is open to other users so whenever we stop to discuss a section please ensure that you and your bike are clear of the trail where possible. 

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