Hilly 21

Event Info:

The “Hilly 21” was originally held on the first Sunday after the clocks went forward in March and was traditionally the first time trial of the year in the North East.

Anyone who is a member of a CTT affiliated club above the age of 12 can enter on a CTT entry form and pay the entry fee. There are prizes for fastest riders, ladies, veterans, juniors and juveniles.

The race will be advertised as sponsored by the club sponsor Start Cycles.


Entries to be sent to Ian Bryan (ianpbryanprivate@live.co.uk): 63 Marine Terrace, Blyth, NE24 2LR. Please enclose a completed CTT entry form and a cheque for £8.50 made payable to Ian Bryan. Alternatively enter online. This is recommended for younger riders as it gives you the opportunity to download the necessary parental consent form which you must complete and bring with you on the day.

Closing date for postal entries is March 1st, but it is worth checking after that [with Ian Bryan] to see if there are any places unfilled up to the evening of the 8th. Be warned though, as an early season race on a popular course the event is expected to be over- subscribed.

Entry Forms are also available from the CTT website

Event HQ

Whalton Village Hall, Whalton, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 3XA Will be manned from 1pm. See map below for details

Course Details

Course: M21. Start Time: 2.00pm

Start at Belsay on unclassified road 200m north of junction of A696 and B6524. Proceed north on unclassified road via Bolam Lake to junction with B6343 (6.4 miles).Turn left to Scots Gap taking the first right onto unclassified road to Rothley Cross Roads (9 miles). TAKE CARE. At Rothley Cross Roads turn left onto B6342 to Cambo where left onto B6343 to Scots Gap. Continue along B6343 to first turn right TAKE CARE onto unclassified road in direction of Belsay to finish opposite start.

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Refreshments will be available after the race from 2.30pm onwards.

Safety Notes

A safety briefing will be available when you sign in for the race and an experienced club member will be available for younger riders and novices to discuss bike set up.

You are advised that:

  • No U-Turns are to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper and no dismounting in the finishing area.
  • Take extra care at road junctions and particularly at the t-junction for Scots Gap and the right turn for Rothley Cross Roads.
  • No cutting corners.
  • Watch out for potholes.

Note: No parking down to the bridge at the bottom of the hill 600m from the start or on the road to the right (B6524) leading to Whalton.

All vehicles to be parked safely and without hindrance to other road users.

CTT advise no parking on verges.

In the interests of your safety, we recommend that all competitors wear a hard shell helmet and use a working rear light.


20 spaces have been made available at Belsay County First School (NE20 0ET) please do not block anyone in or park on the grass. Additional (Paid) parking is available at Bolam Country Park approx 1mile from the race start.


Will be confirmed with start sheets after entry closes.

In addition, the fastest Barnesbury Rider will win the Ken Wilkinson Trophy. Trophies will be presented at the Club Dinner (date to be confirmed).

Event Info

Additional photographs can be found on: http://www.kimroy-photography.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=220869 

Full results are available in the results section. Additionally the team results are:

  1. GS Metro
  2. Adept Precision RT
  3. Berwick Wheelers
  4. Barnesbury CC
  5. Tyneside Vagabonds

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1Carl DonaldsonGS Metro 47:16 26.66  
2Jon SturmanActive Cycles Lloyd Honda 47:17 26.65 1st Vet 40-45
3Keith MurrayFerryhill Whs/Mountain High 47:29 26.54  
4Chris IsatsBerwick Wheelers 48:51 25.79  
5Ben LaneGS Metro 49:16 25.58  
6Blaine MetcalfTeam Swift 49:18 25.56  
7James FalconerFerryhill Whs/Mountain High 49:18 25.56 1st Male Junior
8Ian TaylorCicloCastaBlanca.com 49:42 25.35  
9Mark HarrisonHoughton CC 49:48 25.30  
10Shaun TysonAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 50:12 25.10  
11Jordan MatthewsAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 50:32 24.93  
12Elliot GowlandCoalfields RT 50:40 24.87  
13Neil PaytonBarnesbury CC 51:22 24.53  
14Iain Barker JonesAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 51:39 24.39  
15Dominic MunnellyBlumilk.com 51:42 24.37  
16Michael MallenGS Metro 51:58 24.25  
17Stephen GreyDerwentside CC 51:58 24.25 1st Vet 46-50
18Nev MartinTyne & Wear Fire 52:11 24.15 1st Vet 51-55
19Mark StrangWansbeck CC 52:23 24.05  
20Stewart MoffatHadrian CRT 52:25 24.04  
21Garry WalkerCoalfields RT 52:26 24.03  
22Ian ChristieColomba Cycle Club 52:37 23.95  
23Brian JohnsonBarnesbury CC 52:55 23.81  
24Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds CC 52:58 23.79  
25Geoff MountBlumilk.com 53:02 23.76  
26Mick ProudCoalfields RT 53:21 23.62  
27Mark ReedTyneside Vagabonds CC 53:22 23.61  
28Gary McBeanAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 53:51 23.40  
29Neil BaxterBlumilk.com 53:53 23.38  
30Tim HumphriesTeam Swift 53:53 23.38  
31Andy MossAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 54:05 23.30  
32Neil FosterAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 54:05 23.30  
33Chris MatherM Steel RT 54:26 23.15  
34Andrew ScoreyBerwick Wheelers 54:30 23.12  
35Stuart WatsonColomba Cycle Club 54:33 23.10  
36Bob MurdochTeesdale CRC 54:40 23.05 1st Vet 56+
37Christopher WoodTS Racing Team - Vankru 54:48 22.99  
38Richard PyattRichmond CC 55:01 22.90  
39Craig BerryCestria CC 55:02 22.90  
40Paul WhitehillHoughton CC 55:02 22.90  
41Rick MitfordCestria CC 55:08 22.85  
42Jonathan KellyBarnesbury CC 55:12 22.83  
43Terry WilkinsonBarnesbury CC 55:47 22.59  
44Iain DeyM Steel RT 56:01 22.49  
45Hedley FletcherRyton Tri 56:12 22.42  
46Angela HibbsTyneside Vagabonds CC 56:18 22.38 1st Lady
47Keith DavisonHadrian CRT 56:38 22.25  
48Gordon HodgsonBarnesbury CC 56:55 22.14  
49Darryl ManningAllen Valley Velo 56:56 22.13  
50Mark HerbertTeam Cystic Fibrosis 57:17 22.00  
51Adam WilsonCramlington CC 57:33 21.89  
52Bev BlakemanDerwentside CC 57:35 21.88 2nd Lady
53Gavin SwordCoalfields RT 57:37 21.87  
54Mark ArmstrongBarnesbury CC 57:46 21.81  
55Christian HendersonAllen Valley Velo 57:52 21.77  
56Richard CleatheroEMC 58:29 21.54  
57Steve ClarkBarnesbury CC 58:39 21.48  
58Stephen WaltonGosforth RC 58:46 21.44  
59Richard ExleyGosforth RC 58:50 21.42  
60C HortonBarnesbury CC 58:54 21.39  
61Dean MaddenBarnesbury CC 59:16 21.26  
62Keith SibbaldCramlington CC 59:20 21.24  
63Mark AtkinsonCramlington CC 59:26 21.20  
64Tim MileyNPCC 59:30 21.18  
65Chris LawsonVTTA (North) 59:46 21.08  
66Brian CravenTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:00:05 20.97  
67Richard SillWansbeck CC 1:00:07 20.96  
68Hendrik NahlerWest Lothian Clarion CC - SCU 1:00:10 20.94  
69Kerry GowlandCoalfields RT 1:00:15 20.91 3rd Lady
70Ian JoblingHoughton CC 1:00:24 20.86  
71Phil GreenGS Metro 1:01:06 20.62  
72Graham FindlaterGosforth RC 1:01:11 20.59  
73Jo ShallcrossTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:01:21 20.54 4th Lady
74Craig BellAllen Valley Velo 1:02:16 20.24  
75Gordon JohnsonBarnesbury CC 1:02:37 20.12  
76Christopher HollidayGosforth RC 1:03:11 19.94  
77Gary CoatesHadrian CRT 1:03:22 19.88  
78Malcolm SellersHoughton CC 1:03:51 19.73  
79Neil CranstonBarnesbury CC 1:04:10 19.64  
80Richard GuyGS Metro 1:04:17 19.60  
81Jason McCourtBarnesbury CC 1:04:25 19.56  
82Joshua CravenTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:04:41 19.48  
83Paul AtkinsonCramlington CC 1:04:48 19.44  
84Andrew HaleBarnesbury CC 1:05:16 19.31  
85Simon WatsonBarnesbury CC 1:05:31 19.23  
86Danny WinthorpeTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:06:22 18.99  
87Andy MallenGS Metro 1:06:33 18.93  
88Mark TigheCramlington CC 1:06:53 18.84  
89David HordonBarnesbury CC 1:06:56 18.82  
90Simon ColleranTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:07:11 18.75  
91Mark StephensonCramlington CC 1:07:45 18.60  
92Neil ParkinClasico.CC 1:07:56 18.55  
93Ian RamseyBarnesbury CC 1:08:22 18.43  
94Stuart BruceSporting Club Gothic 1:09:09 18.22  
95Richard ElsdonCramlington CC 1:11:45 17.56  
96Mike ColeCleveland Wheelers CC 1:12:49 17.30  
97Karen ColleranTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:13:12 17.21  
98Rhianna StovesDerwentside CC 1:13:34 17.13 1st Women Junior