Christmas 10

“Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations”

To be held on Sunday the 21st of December 2014, at the East Hartford Community Centre, Institute Buildings, Scott Street
Cramlington, NE23 3AP

This is situated at the far end of the course before the Boghouse slip road and the Three Horse Shoes roundabout.

Event secretary:
Brian Johnson, 41 Ayton Court, Bedlington, Northumberland, NE22 6NS.  Tel. 01670 822776, mobile no.  07846938403.

Numbers and signing on will take place here and the centre will be open from 9.00am.   Parking is limited on a public street, so please be aware of residents’ cars and double parking.  There is also ample parking where the club evening 10’s are held.

There will be festive snacks and drinks available at the Community Centre after the event, where the results and presentation will take place as soon as possible.

Approved time keepers:
Mr Ray Luckett
Mr Peter McGrath.


Prize list will posted up on the day at signing on.  I anticipated the following to be awarded:

  • Fastest three times on the day.
  • best fancy dress.
  • Fastest ride on a standard road bike
  • Most unusual bike ridden!!
  • Fastest veteran rider 40-50 years
  • Fastest woman/junior/vet 50
  • Fastest vet 60.
  • It is hoped to provide a number of spot prizes on random times and placings from the results on the day.

The prize presentation will take place at the Community Centre as soon as possible.  Refreshments will be available after the races.

Course M102B

Start at the end of the bus stop on the A1068 (Northbound), just north of Bassington Roundabout.  Continue north on the A1068 at Plessey Checks Roundabout, take the third exit onto the A192 Eastbound.  Continue in easterly direction straight over Crowhall Lane roundabout to The Three Horse Shoes Roundabout.  Encircle the roundabout to take the 5th exit onto the A192 Westbound.  Continue in westerly direction straight over Crowhall Lane roundabout to Plessey Checks roundabout, to complete first lap.  Encircle the roundabout to take the 4th exit back onto the A192 eastbound.  Once again go straight over Crowhall Lane RAB to the Three Horseshoes RAB.  Encircle to take 5th exit onto the A192 westbound, continue straight over Crowhall Lane RAB to finish on the westbound carriageway 0.1m before Plessey Checks Roundabout.

Rider Notes

Riders are to exercise caution at all roundabouts.
U turns are not to be made in the vicinity of the timekeepers.
Riders are not to dismount in the vicinity of the finish.
Vehicles of competitors/marshals/officials are to be parked in a safe manner and should not cause hindrance to other road users.

Barnesbury CC and I would like to thank the timekeepers, the marshals and everyone who has assisted in the promotion. 

The Barnesbury Cycling Club wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Many thanks and have a safe ride

Brian Johnson

Start Sheet

First rider off at 10.01am then at minute intervals

1 10.01 Andrew Hale Barnesbury CC
2 10.02 Kris Adlington Sunderland Clarion
3 10.03 Herbie Taylor Houghton CC
4 10.04 Ross Walton Ryton Triathlon Club
5 10.05 Steve Gordon Sunderland Clarion
6 10.06 Justin Ramel Blaydon CC
7 10.07 David Donaldson Derwentside CC
8 10.08 Andrew Hall GS Metro
9 10.09 Steven Craggs Blaydon CC
10 10.10 John Warrington Tyneside Vagabonds CC
11 10.11 Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion
12 10.12 Peter Hale Ferryhill Whs/Mountain High
13 10.13 Michael Todd Derwentside CC
14 10.14 Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds CC
15 10.15 Danny Grieves GS Metro
16 10.16 Ben Osborne Blaydon CC
17 10.17 Mike Harris Northumbria Police CC
18 10.18 Jamie Johnson Barnesbury CC
19 10.19 Paul Wright Blaydon CC
20 10.20 Mark Strang Wansbeck CC
21 10.21 Gary Hall Alnwick Tri Club
22 10.22 Keith Davison Hadrian R.T
23 10.23 Jason Robson Derwentside CC
24 10.24 Phil Green GS Metro
25 10.25 Darren Gee Teesdale CRC
26 10.26 Geoffrey Turner Barnesbury CC
27 10.27 Ian Hesler Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
28 10.28 Nick Jobson Cestria C.C.
29 10.29 Brendan McMillan Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC
30 10.30 Mark Harrison Houghton CC
31 10.31 Ali Bailey Blaydon CC
32 10.32 Clive Horton Barnesbury CC
33 10.33 Clare Fearns Darlington Tri Club
34 10.34 Harry Walker Team Swift
35 10.35 Stewart Moffat Hadrian R.T
36 10.36 Dougi Hall Border City Whs CC
37 10.37 Hedley Fletcher Ryton Triathlon Club
38 10.38 Yvette Devlin Tyne Tri Club
39 10.39 Thomas Cooper Blaydon CC
40 10.40 Ben Hetherington Achieve-Skinnergate Racing
41 10.41 Simon Colleran Tyneside Vagabonds CC
42 10.42 Terry Ottaway Cestria C.C.
43 10.43 Julian Waller NE31
44 10.44 Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion
45 10.45 Nev Martin Adept Precision/NEHS
46 10.46 Greg Melia Tyneside Vagabonds CC
47 10.47 Mark Armstrong Barnesbury CC

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1B HetheringtonAchieve-Skinnergate Racing 20:38 29.08  
2J WarringtonTyne Vags 21:52 27.44  
3D GeeTeesdale CRC 22:02 27.23  
4M HarrisonHoughton CC 22:17 26.93  
5D GrievesGS Metro 22:23 26.81  
6H WalkerTeam Swift 22:34 26.59  
7M StrangWansbeck CC 22:54 26.20  
8K DavisonHadrian CRT 23:05 25.99  
9S MoffatHadrian CRT 23:09 25.92  
10D DonaldsonDerwentside CC 23:24 25.64  
11M HarrisNPCC 23:28 25.57  
12K AdlingtonSunderland Clarion 23:46 25.25  
13D HallBorder City Whs CC 24:01 24.98  
14J WallerNE31 24:09 24.84  
15J RobsonDerwentside CC 24:11 24.81  
16M TullySunderland Clarion 24:13 24.78  
17I ShepherdSunderland Clarion 24:15 24.74  
18M ToddDerwentside CC 24:15 24.74  
19P HaleFerryhill Whs/Mountain High 24:18 24.69  
20S GordonSunderland Clarion 24:41 24.31  
21C HortonBarnesbury CC 24:59 24.02  
22N MartinAdept Precision/NEHS 25:39 23.39  
23J RamelBlaydon CC 26:00 23.08  
24A BaileyBlaydon CC 26:01 23.06  
25S CraggsBlaydon CC 26:13 22.89  
26P GreenGS Metro 26:14 22.87  
27T CooperBlaydon CC 26:39 22.51  
28G HallAlnwick Tri 26:51 22.35  
29B McMillanTyne & Wear Fire 27:24 21.90  
30G TurnerBarnesbury CC 27:31 21.80  
31J JohnsonBarnesbury CC 28:40 20.93  
32C FearnsDarlington Tri Club 29:03 20.65  
33Y DevlinTyne Tri 30:07 19.92  
34H TaylorHoughton CC 32:26 18.50