Open 50

10th August 2014 08:00 Start
Promoted for, and on behalf of, Cycling Time Trials under their Rules & Regulations

Event Sec: Ian Bryan to whom any complaints should be sent within 24 hours.
Timekeepers:                                    Peter & Frances Schultz
Timekeepers Assistant:                Ewa Johnson 

Course M509: Bassington - Three Horseshoes - Ellington - Three Horseshoes – Plessey Checks

Start at the north end of bus stop lay-by just north of the Bassington Roundabout on the A1068.  Proceed north to Plessey Checks roundabout.  Take the third exit onto the A192 to Crowhall Lane roundabout.  Continue straight on to the Three Horseshoes roundabout.  Take the second exit onto the A189 northbound and proceed to North Seaton (Sandy Bay) roundabout.  Continue straight on to Woodhorn roundabout.  Continue straight on to mini roundabout.  Take the first exit to continue on the A189 to Linton roundabout at junction with the A1068.  Take the third exit onto the A1068 to Ellington roundabout.  Encircle the roundabout and retrace to Linton roundabout.  Take the first exit onto the A189 to mini roundabout.  Take the second exit to Woodhorn roundabout.  Continue straight on to North Seaton roundabout.  Continue straight on to exit the A189 at the slip road leading to the Three Horseshoes roundabout.  Take the third exit onto the A192 to Crowhall Lane roundabout.  Continue straight on to Plessey Checks roundabout.  Take the first exit onto the A1068 to Bassington roundabout.  Encircle the roundabout, taking the third exit onto the A1068 northbound to complete the first lap.  Repeat the first lap to finish on the second lap approx. 200 metres south of Plessey Checks roundabout on the A189 southbound.

Course Map:


Nelson Industrial Estate junction between Nelson Way  & Colbourne Avenue [as per BCC Club 10’s] open from 07:15

Numbers and Results:

All riders must sign the “signing on sheet” before collecting their numbers. Numbers and results shall be available at race HQ


Men & Women & Vets [on STD]; one prize per competitor
1st  £20; 2nd £15; 3rd £10

Best turn at Ellington Roundabout – Judged by friendly [no favours] Marshall £10


  • All riders are responsible for their own safety
  • You must obey the rules of the road and obey all traffic signs, signage and direction indicators
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your machine is roadworthy and that you ride safely at all times
  • You must look ahead and not ride with your head down
  • You must not take pace or shelter from any other vehicle or competitor (no drafting)
  • Failure to comply with the above may lead to disciplinary action being taken
  • No warming up on the course once the race has started
  • No dismounting by riders in finishing area.
  • In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. 
  • It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.
  • Keep your head up and have a good ride!

Could all Marshals and Helpers meet at the event HQ no later than 07:30.

Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association Best All Rounder 2014

This event is a counting event in the N&DCA BAR for 2014. In order to be eligible for BAR points your club or team must have affiliated to the N&DCA before the day of the race, if it has not done so already.

For information on how to do this, further information and current standings please visit or email


(1st Rider off at 08.04hrs)

Time Rider   Name Club STD
08:00 0        
08:01 1        
08:02 2        
08:03 3        
08:04 4 Mr Peter Manners Barnesbury CC 02:49:53
08:05 5 Mr Danny Grieves GS Metro  
08:06 6 Mrs Karen Colleran Tyneside Vagabonds CC  
08:07 7 Mrs Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion 02:28:51
08:08 8 Mr Andrew Ratsey Wansbeck CC  
08:09 9 Mr Chris Mather M Steel Cycle Racing Team  
08:10 10 Mr Ben Lane GS Metro 02:27:53
08:11 11 Mr Mark Breeze 02:26:52
08:12 12 Mr Steve Clark Barnesbury CC  
08:13 13 Mr Andrew Thorp Wansbeck CC  
08:14 14 Mr Andrew Dickson Barnesbury CC  
08:15 15 Mr Blaine Metcalf Team Swift  
08:16 16 Mr Mark Tighe Cramlington CC 02:26:52
08:17 17 Mr Richard Sill Wansbeck CC 02:36:07
08:18 18 Mr Tim Miley Northumbria Police C.C. 02:31:41
08:19 19 Mr Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC  
08:20 20 Mr Ian Taylor  
08:21 21 Mr Steve Gordon Sunderland Clarion 02:28:22
08:22 22 Mr Paul Whitehill Houghton CC 02:28:22
08:23 23 Mr Anthony Waterston Barnesbury CC 02:29:19
08:24 24 Mr Paul Rider Tyneside Vagabonds CC 02:32:41
08:25 25 Mr Nev Martin Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC 02:33:44
08:26 26 Mr Richard Lewis Tyneside Vagabonds CC 02:27:23
08:27 27 Mr Keith Sibbald Cramlington CC 02:27:53
08:28 28 Mr Joseph Horne Ryton Tri Club  
08:29 29 Mr Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC 02:30:15
08:30 30 Mr Carl Donaldson GS Metro  


Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1C DonaldsonGS Metro 1:48:59 27.53  
2B MetcalfTeam Swift 1:52:28 26.67  
3I 1:55:59 25.87  
4N MartinTyne & Wear Fire 1:57:22 25.56  
5T WaterstonBarnesbury CC 1:58:09 25.39  
6B LaneGS Metro 1:58:42 25.27  
7S GordonSunderland Clarion 1:59:08 25.18  
8M ReedTyne Vags 1:59:11 25.17  
9P RiderTyne Vags 2:03:29 24.29  
10C MatherM Steel RT 2:03:33 24.28  
11D GrievesGS Metro 2:04:17 24.14  
12P WhitehillHoughton CC 2:04:20 24.13  
13M BreezeBlumilk 2:05:30 23.90  
14A RatseyWansbeck CC 2:05:59 23.81  
15A DicksonBarnesbury CC 2:06:45 23.67  
16K SibbaldCramlington CC 2:09:30 23.17  
17I ShepherdSunderland Clarion 2:15:05 22.21 W
18R SillWansbeck CC 2:15:42 22.11  
19T MileyNPCC 2:20:46 21.31  
20A ThorpWansbeck CC 2:23:18 20.94  
21M TigheCramlington CC 2:29:01 20.13  
22K ColleranTyne Vags 2:33:52 19.50 W