Hilly 21

Event Sponsored By

Sims Cycle Workshop

Cycle repairs and service for all makes of bicycle, spare parts and professional wheel building service in the heart of Northumberland.

Promoted for and on behalf of the Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.
Start Time 2.02pm
Organiser Ian Bryan, ianpbryanprivate@live.co.uk
Timekeepers Peter McGrath & Peter Schultz
Assistant Timekeepers Ewa Johnson & Mary Schultz

Event HQ:

Whalton Village Hall, Whalton, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 3XA, will be manned from 1pm.

Numbers and signing-on in the hall.

Refreshments will be available after the race from 3pm onwards.


Whalton Village, please respect residential spaces and access. An additional 20 spaces have been made available at Belsay County First School (NE20 0ET). Please do not block anyone in or park on the grass. Please use the litter bin provided for drinks and gels etc. No parking down to the bridge at the bottom of the hill 600m from the start or on the road to the right (B6524) leading to Whalton. All vehicles to be parked safely and without hindrance to other road users. CTT advise no parking on verges.

Event Course: M21

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Start at Belsay on unclassified road 200m north of junction of A696 and B6524.

Proceed north on unclassified road via Bolam Lake to junction with B6343 (6.4 miles).

Turn left to Scots Gap taking the first right onto unclassified road to Rothley Cross Roads (9 miles). TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic.

At Rothley Cross Roads turn left onto B6342 to Cambo where left onto B6343 to Scots Gap.

Continue along B6343 to first turn right TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic onto unclassified road in direction of Belsay to finish opposite start.

Safety Notes
This course is set in beautiful countryside however, it is challenging to even the most experienced riders with high speed descents, some poor road surfaces and early season weather conditions.

Riders should obey the highway code at all times and in particular not cut corners or takes risks with control of their bike on steep/long descents and into corners.

In addition to their personal safety riders also have a responsibility to the sport to ride in both a fair and safe manner.

Safety information and on the day risk assessment will be available when you sign in for the race and an experienced club member will be available for younger riders and novices to discuss any concerns about the course and conditions.

You are advised that:

  • No U-Turns are to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper and no dismounting in the finishing area.
  • Take extra care at road junctions and particularly at the t-junction for Scots Gap and the right turn for Rothley Cross Roads.
  • No cutting corners or white lines – if winessed by an official you will be disqualified.
  • Head up and watch out for potholes and oncoming traffic.

In the interests of your safety, we recommend that all competitors wear a hard shell helmet and start the race with a working red flashing rear light.

Junior riders MUST wear a hard shell helmet.

N&DCA Best All Rounder

This event is a counting event in the Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association (N&DCA) Best All Rounder (BAR) competition for 2015. This is a points competition based on race placings. Competitors may only be allocated points in the competition if EITHER (a) they ride for a club or team that has affiliated to the Association for 2015 OR (b) they have themselves affiliated to the Association as an Individual Rider for 2015.

Any affiliations, either Club/ Team or Individual must be have been received and the affiliation fee paid BEFORE the day of a race in order for the riders to accrue competition points in that race. Further information on the Association; the competition format and counting events, standings and rules; affiliation procedure; and currently affiliated clubs and riders can be found at www.nanddca.org.uk. Please send any queries to nanddca@outlook.com.


Only one individual category prize per rider (the highest value). E.g. you cannot be awarded race winner prize and 1st Vet or 1st Junior. If such an event occurs, the prize awards will be cascaded down by the race organiser.

Mens, Ladies & Vets on STD 1st £40
  2nd £30
  3rd £20
  4th £10
  5th £5
Team (First 3 riders from each club) 1st £90
  2nd £75
  3rd £60
  4th £30
  5th £15
Juniors 1st £40
  2nd £30
  3rd Set of Mavic Wheel Covers donated by Cyclelogical (Pete Harrison)
Most Improved rider from 2014 Event Entry (% Improvement)   £30

Start Sheet

Start Time Number Title Name Club Cat
14:01 001    
14:02 002 Mr Mark Armstrong Barnesbury CC S
14:03 003 Mr Craig Berry GS Metro S
14:04 004 Mr Mel Carr Barnesbury CC S
14:05 005 Mr Rick Mitford Cestria C.C. V
14:06 006 Mr Richard Lilleker Cleveland Wheelers CC S
14:07 007 Mr Craig Bell Allen Valley Velo S
14:08 008 Mr Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds CC V
14:09 009 Mr Richard Elsdon Cramlington CC S
14:10 010 Mr Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC S
14:11 011 Mrs Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion WV
14:12 012 Miss Emma Alpin Allen Valley Velo WV
14:13 013 Miss Caroline Freeman GS Metro W
14:14 014 Miss Yvette Devlin Tyne Tri W
14:15 015 Mrs Kerry Gowland Team Swift W
14:16 016 Miss Lesley Goodrum Cestria C.C. WV
14:17 017 Mrs Elizabeth Jackson Tyneside Vagabonds CC W
14:18 018 Miss Christine Burns Tyne Tri W
14:19 019 Mrs Christine Amos-Adams North Tyneside Riders W
14:20 020 Miss Angela Hibbs Team Wattcycle W
14:21 021 Mr Thomas Hordon Barnesbury CC J
14:22 022 Mr David Clement North Tyneside Riders V
14:23 023 Mr Graham Harris M Steel Cycle Racing Team S
14:24 024 Mr Stuart Cook Cestria C.C. V
14:25 025 Mr Terry Wilkinson Barnesbury CC S
14:26 026 Mr Kern Boyd M Steel Cycle Racing Team S
14:27 027 Mr Jamie Johnson Barnesbury CC S
14:28 028 Mr David Goodwin Newcastle Cheviot CC V
14:29 029 Mr Joshua Craven Tyneside Vagabonds CC J
14:30 030 Mr Darren Gee Teesdale CRC V
14:31 031 Mr Keith Sibbald Cramlington CC V
14:32 032 Mr Daniel Alpin Allen Valley Velo S
14:33 033 Mr Gavin Sword Coalfields RT V
14:34 034 Mr Gary Hall Alnwick Tri Club V
14:35 035 Mr Dean Madden Barnesbury CC V
14:36 036 Mr Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo S
14:37 037 Mr Michael Sloanes Sunderland Clarion S
14:38 038 Mr Jonathan Gavaghan Wansbeck CC V
14:39 039 Mr Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion S
14:40 040 Mr Adam Wild Tyneside Vagabonds CC J
14:41 041 Mr Keith Davison Hadrian R.T V
14:42 042 Mr Andy Mallen GS Metro S
14:43 043 Mr Colin Humphrey Houghton CC V
14:44 044 Mr Clive Allan Allen Valley Velo S
14:45 045 Mr Anthony Waterston Barnesbury CC V
14:46 046 Mr Graham Crammond Tyne Tri S
13:48 047 Mr Tim Miley Northumbria Police C.C. V
14:48 048 Mr Simon Gibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC V
14:49 049 Mr Glenn Calvert Tyne Tri V
14:50 050 Mr Mark Strang Breeze Bikes RT V
14:51 051 Mr Stephen Locker Barnesbury CC V
14:52 052 Mr Andrew Ratsey Breeze Bikes RT S
14:53 053 Mr David Lewis-Smith Tyneside Vagabonds CC S
14:54 054 Mr Bryan Laycock Alnwick Cycling Club S
14:55 055 Mr Steve Clark Barnesbury CC V
14:56 056 Mr Hedley Fletcher Ryton Triathlon Club V
14:57 057 Mr Graham Findlater Gosforth RC S
14:58 058 Mr Richard Guy GS Metro S
14:59 059 Mr Jason Rogerson Alnwick Cycling Club J
15:00 060 Mr Ben Lane GS Metro V
15:01 061 Mr Philip Watson Hadrian R.T V
15:02 062 Mr Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC V
15:03 063 Mr Mike Cole Cleveland Wheelers CC V
15:04 064 Mr Craig Gow Tyneside Vagabonds CC J
15:05 065 Mr Neil Payton Barnesbury CC V
15:06 066 Mr David Paterson Adept Precision RT / NE Healthcare S
15:07 067 Mr Christopher Wood TS Racing Team - Vankru V
15:08 068 Mr Richard Cleathero North Racing S
15:09 069 Mr Rob Newstead Alnwick Cycling Club V
15:10 070 Mr Phil Hall Breeze Bikes RT V
15:11 071 Mr Stephen Grey Derwentside CC V
15:12 072 Mr Gordon Hodgson Barnesbury CC V
15:13 073 Mr Andy Windscheffel North Tyneside Riders V
15:14 074 Mr Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vagabonds CC V
15:15 075 Mr Liam Whitelaw Cramlington CC S
15:16 076 Mr Mark Robertson Army Cycling Union S
15:17 077 Mr Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion V
15:18 078 Mr Paul Robson Houghton CC V
15:19 079 Mr Chris Ellaby Tyneside Vagabonds CC S
15:20 080 Mr Mark Harrison Houghton CC S
15:21 081 Mr Neil Baxter Blumilk.com V
15:22 082 Mr Richard Skinner M Steel Cycle Racing Team V
15:23 083 Mr Derek McGuire Alnwick Cycling Club V
15:24 084 Mr Jason Robson Derwentside CC V
15:25 085 Mr Chris Herbert Infinity Cycles - Cube Store Cycling Team V
15:26 086 Mr Neil Foster Adept Precision RT / NE Healthcare V
15:27 087 Mr Michael Hindmarch Tyne Tri S
15:28 088 Mr Chris Burns Cestria C.C. S
15:29 089 Mr Hendrik Nahler West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club - SCU V
15:30 090 Mr Gary McBean Adept Precision RT / NE Healthcare V
15:31 091 Mr John Warrington Tyneside Vagabonds CC V
15:32 092 Mr Christian Henderson Allen Valley Velo V
15:33 093 Mr Michael Fisher Tyneside Vagabonds CC V
15:34 094 Mr ibbald Durham City Velo V
15:35 095 Mr Mark Breeze Breeze Bikes RT V
15:36 096 Mr Gary Vincent Coates Hadrian R.T V
15:37 097 Mr Paul Hague Gosforth RC V
15:38 098 Mr Andrew Hall GS Metro S
15:39 099 Mr Neil Cranston Barnesbury CC V
15:40 100 Mr Lee Mcdermott Breeze Bikes RT V
15:41 101 Mr Ross Gray Allen Valley Velo S
15:42 102 Mr David Turnbull Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC S
15:43 103 Mr Stephen Hill Alnwick Cycling Club V
15:44 104 Mr Richard SILL Wansbeck CC V
15:45 105 Mr Elliot Gowland Coalfields RT V
15:46 106 Mr Peter Mcewan Alnwick Cycling Club S
15:47 107 Mr Richard Exley Gosforth RC V
15:48 108 Mr Alan Davison Wansbeck CC V
15:49 109 Mr Jonathan Kelly Barnesbury CC V
15:50 110 Mr Blaine Metcalf Team Swift S
15:51 111 Mr Steve Gordon Sunderland Clarion V
15:52 112 Mr Darryl Manning Allen Valley Velo S
15:53 113 Mr David Cleugh Cestria C.C. S
15:54 114 Mr John Goodfellow Tyne Tri S
15:55 115 Mr Neil Parkin Derwentside CC V
15:56 116 Mr Kristian Forster North Tyneside Riders S
15:57 117 Mr Chris Mather M Steel Cycle Racing Team S
15:58 118 Mr Colin Laughton Cestria C.C. V
15:59 119 Mr Kris Adlington Sunderland Clarion S
16:00 120 Mr Carl Donaldson GS Metro S

Additional Information for Novice Riders (First Open Event)

The CTT community in the North East is very strong and the Barnesbury is a proud member of that community. One that encourages, rewards and celebrates everyone’s efforts and achievements.

The conduct of this event is governed by CTT Rules & Regulations. As such you should read the instructions carefully and if in any doubt about their meaning contact the organiser to check your understanding.

A few tips for the day:

You must wear either your club strip or a plain kit. For example you cannot ride in purchased Professional Teams kit or a triathlon style suit [without sleeves] and if you were to wear one of these you may be disqualified at the start which would be very disappointing. You can of course wear a top to stay warm all the time up to the start and then leave it there. It will be made available for collection when you’ve finished from the start (second hour finishers) or at the HQ after the race.

You cannot wear a gillet or other clothing over your kit during the race if it obscures your race number which must visible at all times. If it’s not visible when you cross the line you risk disqualification after the race. If you are cold, wear more kit and pin the number on the top layer bearing in mind the above guidance on kit.

It’s advisable to travel in time to sign in at least an hour before your start including any time necessary for driving around the course beforehand if you’ve not ridden it previously. This will give you plenty of time to suit up, warm up and ride up to the course start from wherever you’ve parked. The HQ to start distance is about 3.6 miles. Please do not warm up in the vicinity of the starters once the race has started – they’ve a lot to do and additional riders with numbers on is very distracting.

Arrive at the start a little early as the timekeepers use ‘race time’ which may be a little different to your own watch. You should be able to see which numbers are queuing to start and judge your own timing from there. If you arrive late [after your start time] you will suffer a penalty time addition and may not be allowed to start until there is a gap in the order – in the meantime getting cold.

Do not distract the starter about anything really – they’re trying to start 119 riders on time and record each riders time accurately at the finish which is a significant feat of concentration. PS Shouting your number out as you finish is considered helpful by the officials J.
If it’s your first race; don’t be too distracted by serious looking performance cyclists on turbo’s etc. with ear pieces in, spinning up to loud music with cotton wool up their noses etc. Unbelievably, this is perfectly normal warm-up and getting in the zone behaviour [really..]. It’s all part the ritual and it’s very likely you’ll be doing this too soon.

Enjoy the post-race food and hospitality at the HQ where the aforementioned ‘serious performance cyclists’ will be transformed into relaxed cycling ‘dudes and lasses’ potential friends, coaches and mentors who will happily advise you on what wheels and gearing you really should have used, the racing plan you should have used, the warm up you should do and many other preparation, training and diet tips etc to generally make you feel that their level of performance might be achievable with YEARS of hard work and dedication, uber expensive kit, bike and a power meter etc … However it might feel, they are genuinely being helpful, not just trying to get an early mental edge on a new challenger…

In all seriousness, please enjoy your first experience of an open event and if you haven’t ridden one for a while welcome back. Please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the organisers, officials or club members there on the day with whatever concern or query you may have.

We’re here to help you enjoy the day and achieve your best performance. On behalf of the Barnesbury and NDCA thank you for entering and ride safely.

Best Regards,

Ian Bryan

For Barnesbury CC

Event Info

On a cold, overcast afternoon, with slight easterly wind, the huge field of 105 riders battled for an early season result on the challenging route of 21 miles through the hills of Northumberland. The fastest time overall was once again achieved by Carl Donaldson (GS Metro), who completed the course in 47 mins 29. Carl had this to say on the finish line: "I’m really pleased to start the TT season with a win in what was really cold conditions. The competition is always improving within the Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association and this pushes you to achieve more. Barnesbury CC did a great job organising what is becoming a classic season opener. Hopefully I can carry the form on through the season"

The ladies competition was won in spectacular style by Angela Hibbs (Team Wattcycle), with her time of 51 mins 25 breaking the women’s record for the course. Darren Gee (Teesdale CRC) was the fastest vet, and second overall, with an impressive 47 mins 51. The event is kindly sponsored by Sims Cycle Workshop in Morpeth. https://www.facebook.com/SimsCycleWorkshop

Most Improved Riders

Rank Name Club 2014 Time 2015 Time Improvement Delta
40 Dean Madden Barnesbury CC 00:59:16 00:53:04 00:06:12 10.46%
39 Hedley Fletcher Ryton Triathlon Club 00:56:12 00:50:47 00:05:25 9.64%
38 Joshua Craven Tyneside Vagabonds CC 01:04:41 00:58:46 00:05:55 9.15%
37 Angela Hibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC 00:56:18 00:51:25 00:04:53 8.67%
36 Terry Wilkinson Barnesbury CC 00:55:47 00:51:00 00:04:47 8.58%
35 Keith Davison Hadrian R.T 00:56:38 00:52:22 00:04:16 7.53%
34 Adam Wild Tyneside Vagabonds CC 00:52:58 00:49:18 00:03:40 6.92%
33 Neil Cranston Barnesbury CC 01:04:10 00:59:51 00:04:19 6.73%
32 Christian Henderson Allen Valley Velo 00:57:52 00:55:51 00:02:01 3.49%
31 Mark Strang Wansbeck CC 00:52:23 00:50:36 00:01:47 3.40%

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1Carl DonaldsonGS Metro 47:29 26.54  
2Darren GeeTeesdale CRC 47:51 26.33  
3Blaine MetcalfTeam Swift 48:26 26.02  
4Mark HarrisonHoughton CC 48:58 25.73  
5Adam WildTyneside Vagabonds CC 49:18 25.56  
6Ben LaneGS Metro 49:26 25.49  
7Elliot GowlandCoalfields RT 49:50 25.28  
8Andrew RatseyBreeze Bikes RT 50:06 25.15  
9Andrew HallGS Metro 50:10 25.12  
10Graham CrammondTyne Tri 50:22 25.02  
11Lee McdermottBreeze Bikes RT 50:22 25.02  
12Mark RobertsonArmy Cycling Union 50:24 25.00  
13Mark StrangBreeze Bikes RT 50:36 24.90  
14Phil HallBreeze Bikes RT 50:45 24.83  
15Hedley FletcherRyton Triathlon Club 50:47 24.81  
16Chris MatherM Steel Cycle Racing Team 50:47 24.81  
17Terry WilkinsonBarnesbury CC 51:00 24.71  
18Mark BreezeBreeze Bikes RT 51:22 24.53  
19Angela HibbsTeam Wattcycle 51:25 24.51  
20Neil PaytonBarnesbury CC 51:45 24.35  
21Richard LillekerCleveland Wheelers CC 52:04 24.20  
22Mark TullySunderland Clarion 52:22 24.06  
23Keith DavisonHadrian R.T 52:22 24.06  
24Michael SloanesSunderland Clarion 52:33 23.98  
25Craig GowTyneside Vagabonds CC 53:04 23.74  
26Dean MaddenBarnesbury CC 53:04 23.74  
27Gary McBeanAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 53:24 23.60  
28Kris AdlingtonSunderland Clarion 53:26 23.58  
29Jonathan GavaghanWansbeck CC 53:28 23.57  
30Neil BaxterBlumilk.com 53:41 23.47  
31Mark ReedTyneside Vagabonds CC 53:52 23.39  
32Ross GrayAllen Valley Velo 53:55 23.37  
33Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion 53:57 23.35  
34Christopher WoodTS Racing Team - Vankru 54:07 23.28  
35David Lewis-SmithTyneside Vagabonds CC 54:09 23.27  
36David TurnbullTyne and Wear Fire & Rescue CC 54:27 23.14  
37Stephen LockerBarnesbury CC 54:27 23.14  
38Bob MurdochTeesdale CRC 54:38 23.06  
39Richard SkinnerM Steel Cycle Racing Team 54:45 23.01  
40Stephen GreyDerwentside CC 54:48 22.99  
41Rick MitfordCestria C.C. 54:53 22.96  
42Kristian ForsterNorth Tyneside Riders 55:01 22.90  
43Jason RobsonDerwentside CC 55:28 22.72  
44Chris HerbertInfinity Cycles - Cube Store Cycling Team 55:39 22.64  
45Simon GibbsTyneside Vagabonds CC 55:40 22.63  
46Gordon HodgsonBarnesbury CC 55:46 22.59  
47Christian HendersonAllen Valley Velo 55:51 22.56  
48Darryl ManningAllen Valley Velo 55:52 22.55  
49Paul HagueGosforth RC 56:00 22.50  
50Thomas HordonBarnesbury CC 56:01 22.49  
51David PatersonAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 56:06 22.46  
52Neil FosterAdept Precision RT / NE Healthcare 56:18 22.38  
53Philip WatsonHadrian R.T 56:54 22.14  
54Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CC 57:13 22.02  
55Keith SibbaldCramlington CC 57:22 21.96  
56Tim MileyNorthumbria Police C.C. 57:36 21.88  
57Peter McewanAlnwick Cycling Club 57:40 21.85  
58Tom GuySunderland Clarion 58:06 21.69  
59Paul RobsonHoughton CC 58:12 21.65  
60Rob NewsteadAlnwick Cycling Club 58:37 21.50  
61Philip WilkinsonCramlington CC 58:38 21.49  
62Ian JoblingDurham City Velo 58:39 21.48  
63Liam WhitelawCramlington CC 58:42 21.47  
64Richard ExleyGosforth RC 58:46 21.44  
65Joshua CravenTyneside Vagabonds CC 58:46 21.44  
66Hendrik NahlerWest Lothian Clarion Cycling Club - SCU 58:48 21.43  
67David CleughCestria C.C. 58:57 21.37  
68Clive AllanAllen Valley Velo 59:19 21.24  
69David ClementNorth Tyneside Riders 59:24 21.21  
70Graham FindlaterGosforth RC 59:29 21.18  
71Kerry GowlandTeam Swift 59:32 21.16  
72Richard CleatheroNorth Racing 59:32 21.16  
73Neil CranstonBarnesbury CC 59:51 21.05  
74Christopher BeatyAllen Valley Velo 59:59 21.01  
75David GoodwinNewcastle Cheviot CC 1:00:15 20.91  
76Richard SILLWansbeck CC 1:00:25 20.86  
77Chris EllabyTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:00:58 20.67  
78Derek McGuireAlnwick Cycling Club 1:01:14 20.58  
79Jamie JohnsonBarnesbury CC 1:02:11 20.26  
80Craig BellAllen Valley Velo 1:02:58 20.01  
81Kern BoydM Steel Cycle Racing Team 1:03:02 19.99  
82Elizabeth JacksonTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:03:27 19.86  
83Bryan LaycockAlnwick Cycling Club 1:03:34 19.82  
84Gary Vincent CoatesHadrian R.T 1:03:35 19.82  
85Andy WindscheffelNorth Tyneside Riders 1:03:43 19.78  
86Danny WinthorpeTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:04:37 19.50  
87Graham HarrisM Steel Cycle Racing Team 1:05:04 19.36  
88Andy MallenGS Metro 1:05:04 19.36  
89Jason RogersonAlnwick Cycling Club 1:05:12 19.33  
90Stephen HillAlnwick Cycling Club 1:05:15 19.31  
91Neil ParkinDerwentside CC 1:05:46 19.16  
92Gary HallAlnwick Tri Club 1:05:47 19.15  
93Christine Amos-AdamsNorth Tyneside Riders 1:07:18 18.72  
94Stuart CookCestria C.C. 1:07:33 18.65  
95Yvette DevlinTyne Tri 1:07:54 18.56  
96Emma AlpinAllen Valley Velo 1:09:41 18.08  
97Mike ColeCleveland Wheelers CC 1:10:27 17.89  
98Lesley GoodrumCestria C.C. 1:15:51 16.61  
99Colin LaughtonCestria C.C. 1:27:35 14.39