Johnny Rankin Trophy (Open 25)

Event Sponsored By

Sims Cycle Workshop

Cycle repairs and service for all makes of bicycle, spare parts and professional wheel building service in the heart of Northumberland.

Promoted for and on behalf of the Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

Timekeepers: Peter McGrath and Ewa Johnson

Handicapper: Peter Manners (BCC Only)

Event Secretary: Dean Madden

1st Rider off at 6.45

Event HQ

East Hartford & District Community Association

Institute Buildings, Scott Street, East Hartford, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 3AW 01670 736353

All riders must sign the “signing on sheet” before collecting their number. Numbers and results shall be available at HQ from 5.30 pm onwards.

Please allow at least 10 minutes from HQ to start and remember to return your number to HQ after your ride.

Trophy and Prize Presentations

The prize money and trophy presentations* will made on the evening at the HQ with hopefully the minimum of delay.

Whilst you wait refreshments and food will be available at the end of the event.

Please don’t rush off after your ride, but instead take the time to celebrate, meet fellow competitors and applaud your sporting achievements, whilst also acknowledging the support team of volunteers who make this event possible.

Please switch off and relax for 30 minutes you bunch of cycling robots. You deserve it.

Course and Rider Information - Course M2510

Three Horseshoes - Woodhorn - Three Horseshoes 25 Miles

Start at S-bends sign on the B1505 Bedlington Road. Proceed to the Three Horseshoes roundabout and take the first exit slip road onto the A189 northbound.

Proceed to North Seaton (Sandy Bay) roundabout, and continue straight on to Woodhorn roundabout.

Encircle the roundabout and retrace to the Three Horseshoes roundabout by taking the A192 exit slip road.

Encircle the roundabout and take the fifth exit slip road onto the A189 northbound to repeat the course via

Woodhorn roundabout to finish at the start of the lay-by on the A189 southbound shortly before the slip road leading once more to the Three Horseshoes.

Safety notes:

  • Vehicles of competitors / officials / marshals / helpers to be parked safely and without hindrance to other road users.
  • All riders are responsible for their own safety.


  • Take extra care where traffic enters or leaves the course by way of sliproads and in the negotiation of roundabouts.
  • No U-turns to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper.
  • No dismounting in the finishing area.
  • You must look ahead and not ride with your head down
  • In the interests of your safety, we recommend that all competitors wear a hard shell helmet and use a working rear light.

As the field is large and consists of two loops of the course, to assist the timekeepers at the finish line can you please ensure that your number is correctly placed and visible from the rear in line with CTT regulations noted below.

If it’s too high and we can’t see it and this may result in disqualification.

‘The number shall be centrally positioned below the waist so as to be clearly visible from the rear when in his normal riding position. Position number as shown:’


Any additional safety information will be provided on the day at the sign on HQ as well as through the Barnesbury CC Facebook page prior to the event.

Start List

Start Number Start Time Name Club Class BCC HCap
7 18:46:00 Peter Manners Barnesbury CC MV 00:07:00
8 18:47:00 Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion M
9 18:48:00 Ali Bailey Blaydon CC M
10 18:49:00 Harry Armstrong Breeze Bikes RT MV
11 18:50:00 Rick Mitford Cestria C.C. MV
12 18:51:00 Gordon Hodgson Barnesbury CC MV 00:05:00
13 18:52:00 Andrew Thorp North Racing M
14 18:53:00 Steven Craggs Blaydon CC M
15 18:54:00 Jonathan Gavaghan Wansbeck CC MV
16 18:55:00 Paul Scaplehorn Redmon CC MV
17 18:56:00 Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
18 18:57:00 Thomas Hooper Blaydon CC M
19 18:58:00 Quentin Field-Boden Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
20 18:59:00 Simon Clark GS Metro MV
21 19:00:00 Allan Lang Hartlepool CC MV
22 19:01:00 Andrew Ratsey Breeze Bikes RT M
23 19:02:00 Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
24 19:03:00 Stephen Underhill Barnesbury CC M 00:08:00
25 19:04:00 Mark Breeze Breeze Bikes RT MV
26 19:05:00 Danny Grieves GS Metro M
27 19:06:00 Tony Thompson Wansbeck CC MV
28 19:07:00 Sean Kennedy Tri Northumb’ (Tri North) M
29 19:08:00 Patrick Deane Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
30 19:09:00 Lee Mcdermott Breeze Bikes RT MV
31 19:10:00 Kris Adlington Sunderland Clarion M
32 19:11:00 Clive Horton Barnesbury CC MV 00:04:00
33 19:12:00 Malcolm Sellers Houghton CC MV
34 19:13:00 Paul Wright Blaydon CC M
35 19:14:00 Anthony Waterston Barnesbury CC MV 00:00:00
36 19:15:00 Keith Davison Hadrian R.T MV
37 19:16:00 Andrew Hall GS Metro M
38 19:17:00 Adam Rowe Cramlington CC M
39 19:18:00 Brian Craven Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
40 19:19:00 Ian Taylor MV
41 19:20:00 Neil Foster Adept Precision RT MV
42 19:21:00 John Willis Wansbeck CC MV
43 19:22:00 Martin Bluck One Life Racing MV
44 19:23:00 Robin Sleight Barnesbury CC MV 00:10:00
45 19:24:00 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC M
46 19:25:00 Stephen Locker Barnesbury CC MV 00:03:00
47 19:26:00 Adam Wilson Cramlington CC M
48 19:27:00 Thomas Hordon Barnesbury CC J 00:08:00
49 19:28:00 Andrew Amos-Adams North Tyneside Riders MV
50 19:29:00 Craig Fenwick Team Swift MV
51 19:30:00 Mick Aspey NPCC MV
52 19:31:00 Kris Whitelaw North Tyneside Riders M
53 19:32:00 Charles Scurr Hartlepool CC MV
54 19:33:00 Richard Weir Barnesbury CC MV 00:10:00
55 19:34:00 Mark Strang Breeze Bikes RT MV
56 19:35:00 Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion WV
57 19:36:00 ANGELA HIBBS Team Wattcycle W
58 19:37:00 Philip Watson Hadrian R.T MV
59 19:38:00 Simon Bussey North Tyneside Riders M
60 19:39:00 Carl Donaldson GS Metro M
61 19:40:00 Steve Clark Barnesbury CC MV 00:01:00
62 19:41:00 Keith Sibbald Cramlington CC MV
63 19:42:00 James Allen Barnesbury CC MV 00:08:00
64 19:43:00 Peter McEwan Alnwick Cycling Club M
65 19:44:00 Steve Gordon Sunderland Clarion MV
66 19:45:00 Terry Wilkinson Barnesbury CC M 00:01:30
67 19:46:00 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion MV
68 19:47:00 Christine Amos Adams North Tyneside Riders W
69 19:48:00 Christopher Wilson Sunderland Clarion MV
70 19:49:00 Nev Martin Adept Precision RT MV
71 19:50:00 Michael Sloanes Sunderland Clarion M
72 19:51:00 Dean Madden Barnesbury CC MV 00:04:00
73 19:52:00 Richard SILL Wansbeck CC MV
74 19:53:00 Gareth Davies Barnesbury CC MV 00:10:00
75 19:54:00 Ben Lane GS Metro MV
76 19:55:00 Paul Whitehill Houghton CC MV
77 19:56:00 Richard Exley Gosforth RC MV
78 19:57:00 Neil Cranston Barnesbury CC MV 00:08:00
79 19:58:00 Terry Ottaway Cestria C.C. M
80 19:59:00 Blaine Metcalf Team Swift M
81 20:00:00 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC MV 00:01:30
82 20:01:00 Wayne Coates Derwentside CC MV
83 20:02:00 Phil Hall Breeze Bikes RT MV
84 20:03:00 Derek McGuire Alnwick Cycling Club MV
85 20:04:00 Mark Harrison Houghton CC M
86 20:05:00 Mark Atkinson Cramlington CC M
87 20:06:00 Michael Hindmarch Tyne Tri M
88 20:07:00 Simon Gibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV
89 20:08:00 Michael Openshaw Cestria C.C. MV
90 20:09:00 Keith Murray Strategic Lions MV

Prizes and Trophies

Fastest 1st £40 & Johnny Rankin Trophy
  2nd £20
  3rd £20
  4th £10
  5th £10
Female 1st £40
  2nd £10
Vets on Standard 1st £30
  2nd £20
  3rd £10
  4th £10
  5th £10
Barnesbury CC Only Handicap 1st £30 & The Jack Burnley Trophy
  2nd £20
  3rd £10
  4th £10
  5th or Stan Sadler Trophy Winner £10
Team Prize (3 riders) 1st £45
  2nd £30
  3rd £15

One rider – One Prize. *Trophies will be presented on the evening for photographs and formally at the Club Dinner (date to be confirmed in December).

Many Thanks for supporting this event with special thanks to the Marshalls and Timekeepers for their time and expertise.



Event Info

Thank you again for a great evening of sport and honest competition. The event produced some fast times on the course despite challenging windy conditions with over 31 of the 65 field coming in under ‘the hour’. 

The battle for the Johnny Rankin trophy could not have been closer with one second separating Keith Murray (Strategic Lions) and Danny Grieves (GS Metro) with third place going to last years winner Carl Donaldson (GS Metro) in one of his first Open events since his unfortunate collarbone break earlier in the season. 

In the womens category, Angela Hibbs (Team Wattcycle) continued her great form this year with the win and a 17th place in the overall field ahead of Ingrid Shepherd (Sunderland Clarion). 

The team competition was once again well contested with GS Metro taking the win for the second consecutive year ahead of Breeze Bikes RT and Sunderland Clarion. 

The ever competitive Nev Martin (Adept Precision RT) picked up the Vets on Standard competition in what is always a very spirited category.     

The Barnesbury CC Jack Burnley Club trophy was picked up by Steve Clark, with Peter Manners and Ian Bryan’s handicap weighting proving close on the night with less than 30 seconds between the top 5 riders.  

This continues to confirm the strength of competition in Time Trials in the North East Area across almost all categories is on the increase, as participation rises. It was also great to see new local clubs such as Blaydon CC and North Tyneside Riders participating and competing for the first time in this event. For those entering an event for the first time and those returning to completion after a while, I hope we will see you back again soon. 

I would also send a message to the ever friendly Brian Craven (Tyneside Vagabonds) to mend quickly following his accident whilst warming up from all of his friends and competitors. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the evening and apologies that one of the categories was not fully announced on the night and one incorrectly recorded time resulted in a mix up with the team category. Prize money for the winners who did not collect on the evening will be posted shortly. 

Finally, thanks must go to all of those who contributed baked goods for the HQ. There were too many excellent cakes and snacks to mention individually but it certainly assisted in keeping everyone hanging around at the end! 

Overall and the Johnny Rankin Trophy

Position Name Team Time
1 Keith Murray Strategic Lions 00:51:58
2 Danny Grieves GS Metro 00:51:59
3 Carl Donaldson GS Metro 00:52:25
4 Blaine Metcalf Team Swift 00:53:52
5 Phil Hall Breeze Bikes RT 00:54:17
6 Ben Lane GS Metro 00:54:37
7 Lee Mcdermott Breeze Bikes RT 00:54:58
8 Simon Clark GS Metro 00:55:04
9 Nev Martin Adept Precision RT 00:55:11
10 Ian Taylor 00:55:29


Pos Name Team Time
1 ANGELA HIBBS Team Wattcycle 00:56:58
2 Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion 01:00:10

Vets on Standard

Pos Name Team Prize
1 Nev Martin Adept Precision RT 1st
2 Keith Murray Strategic Lions -
3 Simon Clark GS Metro 2nd
4 Peter Manners Barnesbury CC 3rd
5 Ingrid Shepherd Sunderland Clarion -
6 Ben Lane GS Metro 4th
7 Phil Hall Breeze Bikes RT -
8 Rick Mitford Cestria C.C. 5th
9 Lee Mcdermott Breeze Bikes RT -
10 Steve Gordon Sunderland Clarion -

Barnesbury CC Jack Burnley Trophy - Top 5

Pos Name Time (inc Handicap)
1 Steve Clark 00:56:13
2 Thomas Hordon 00:56:20
3 Anthony Waterston 00:56:30
4 Terry Wilkinson 00:56:32
5 Gordon Hodgson 00:56:42


Pos Club 1st Rider 2nd Rider 3rd Rider Team Time
1 GS Metro Danny Grieves Carl Donaldson Ben Lane 02:39:01
2 Breeze Bikes RT Phil Hall Lee Mcdermott Mark Breeze 02:47:02
3 Sunderland Clarion Steve Gordon Michael Sloanes Kris Adlington 02:50:59

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1Keith MurrayStrategic Lions 51:58 28.86  
2Danny GrievesGS Metro 51:59 28.86  
3Carl DonaldsonGS Metro 52:25 28.62  
4Blaine MetcalfTeam Swift 53:52 27.85  
5Phil HallBreeze Bikes RT 54:17 27.63  
6Ben LaneGS Metro 54:37 27.46  
7Lee McdermottBreeze Bikes RT 54:58 27.29  
8Simon ClarkGS Metro 55:04 27.24  
9Nev MartinAdept Precision RT 55:11 27.18  
10Ian 55:29 27.04  
11Mark HarrisonHoughton CC 55:30 27.03  
12Steve GordonSunderland Clarion 55:48 26.88  
13Kris WhitelawNorth Tyneside Riders 56:06 26.74  
14Anthony WaterstonBarnesbury CC 56:30 26.55  
15Andrew HallGS Metro 56:38 26.49  
16Michael OpenshawCestria C.C. 56:56 26.35  
17ANGELA HIBBSTeam Wattcycle 56:58 26.33  
18Steve ClarkBarnesbury CC 57:13 26.22  
19Michael SloanesSunderland Clarion 57:25 26.12  
20Paul WhitehillHoughton CC 57:29 26.09  
21Rick MitfordCestria C.C. 57:31 26.08  
22Craig FenwickTeam Swift 57:31 26.08  
23Kris AdlingtonSunderland Clarion 57:46 25.97  
24Mark BreezeBreeze Bikes RT 57:47 25.96  
25Terry WilkinsonBarnesbury CC 58:02 25.85  
26Brian JohnsonBarnesbury CC 58:24 25.68  
27Wayne CoatesDerwentside CC 58:53 25.47  
28Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CC 58:59 25.43  
29Keith DavisonHadrian R.T 59:29 25.22  
30Allan LangHartlepool CC 59:35 25.17  
31Tom GuySunderland Clarion 59:52 25.06  
32Ingrid ShepherdSunderland Clarion 1:00:10 24.93  
33Philip WatsonHadrian R.T 1:00:52 24.64  
34Adam WilsonCramlington CC 1:00:57 24.61  
35Keith SibbaldCramlington CC 1:01:21 24.45  
36Gordon HodgsonBarnesbury CC 1:01:42 24.31  
37Mark AtkinsonCramlington CC 1:01:48 24.27  
38Thomas HooperBlaydon CC 1:01:53 24.24  
39Stephen LockerBarnesbury CC 1:01:57 24.21  
40Tony ThompsonWansbeck CC 1:02:11 24.12  
41Simon BusseyNorth Tyneside Riders 1:03:01 23.80  
42Christopher WilsonSunderland Clarion 1:03:02 23.80  
43Clive HortonBarnesbury CC 1:03:14 23.72  
44Richard ExleyGosforth RC 1:03:44 23.54  
45Andrew ThorpNorth Racing 1:04:00 23.44  
46Peter McEwanAlnwick Cycling Club 1:04:17 23.33  
47Thomas HordonBarnesbury CC 1:04:20 23.32  
48Paul WrightBlaydon CC 1:04:47 23.15  
49Stephen UnderhillBarnesbury CC 1:05:27 22.92  
50Martin BluckOne Life Racing 1:05:29 22.91  
51Peter MannersBarnesbury CC 1:05:55 22.76  
52Neil CranstonBarnesbury CC 1:06:41 22.49  
53Richard SILLWansbeck CC 1:06:57 22.40  
54James AllenBarnesbury CC 1:07:07 22.35  
55Adam RoweCramlington CC 1:07:11 22.33  
56Malcolm SellersHoughton CC 1:07:40 22.17  
57Sean KennedyTri Northumberland (Tri North) 1:07:51 22.11  
58Derek McGuireAlnwick Cycling Club 1:08:29 21.90  
59Ali BaileyBlaydon CC 1:08:36 21.87  
60Steven CraggsBlaydon CC 1:09:23 21.62  
61Richard WeirBarnesbury CC 1:10:48 21.19  
62Christine Amos-AdamsNorth Tyneside Riders 1:12:34 20.67  
63Andrew Amos-AdamsNorth Tyneside Riders 1:15:42 19.82  
64Robin SleightBarnesbury CC 1:15:57 19.75  
65Gareth DaviesBarnesbury CC 1:37:28 15.39