Open 50

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Sims Cycle Workshop

Cycle repairs and service for all makes of bicycle, spare parts and professional wheel building service in the heart of Northumberland.

Promoted for and on behalf of the Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

The only Open 50 TT in the North East in 2015, the Barnesbury Open 50 will be ran on the M509. Event organiser: Ian Bryan

In addition to the usual cash prizes, the following trophy is available to win during the event:

Riders can enter online via the Cycling Time Trials website:

Entry Form/Cheque entries are also accepted, however we would prefer it if you could use the online entry if possible as it makes things so much easier for the race organiser. If you do need to use the form/cheque system, please make any cheques payable to the race organiser and not the club.

Forms can be downloaded from: and the full details of the event can be found using the event list:

Entries Close: 28th July 2015.

First Rider: 08:00 AM.

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1C DonaldsonGS Metro 1:59:23 25.13  
2C HumphreyAchieve 2:00:26 24.91  
3S HarrionCoalfields RT 2:06:09 23.78  
4E GowlandTeam Swift 2:06:10 23.78  
5J WarringtonTyne Vags 2:06:22 23.74  
6S KnightCastle Tri 2:07:02 23.62  
7M ReedTyne Vags 2:11:03 22.89  
8P GarstangHartlepool CC 2:17:13 21.86  
9D McGuireAlnwick CC 2:18:34 21.65  
10P WhitehillHoughton CC 2:18:46 21.62  
11C GardenerRyton Tri 2:21:46 21.16  
12K SibbaldCramlington CC 2:25:26 20.63  
13C Amos-AdamsNTR 2:27:29 20.34