Hilly 21

Promoted for and on behalf of the Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

Online Entry: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/14610

Additional risk information for competitors

Due to the current condition of the road in various places on the course, riders must take extra care when moving on the carriageway.

It is recommended that, wherever it is safe to do so, and in showing consideration to other road users and competitors, that riders may be better riding off the gutter and nearer the centre of the road to avoid poor road conditions.

This applies whenever applicable, but with particular notice to:

  1. The Start and Finish area, approximately 150 metres each direction.
  2. The entire section, both directions near to and adjacent to Bolam Lake.
  3. Middleton Bank, (Marshal with RED Flag at top of descent outward) both directions but particularly outward at the top and the bottom of the dip (by gate).

These areas in particular are in poor repair on the surface of the road, with numerous potholes of quite substantial depth. Hitting these at speed, and in particular when on a Time Trial machine and on the extensions, could cause problems for both rider and machine.

Riders should take care at all times and a look at the course prior to racing is highly recommended.


Whalton Village Hall, Whalton, Morpeth NE61 3XA


Whalton Village, please respect residential spaces and access. Additional (paid) parking at Bolam Lakes Country Park (please note: access via the course so be aware of riders). Limited parking in the layby at the start. Please use the litter bin provided for drinks and gels etc. No rubbish to be left on the course. No parking down to the bridge at the bottom of the hill 600m from the start or on the road to the right (B6524) leading to Whalton. All vehicles to be parked safely and without hindrance to other road users. CTT advise no parking on verges.

Signing on and off

Each rider must sign the sign-on sheet before collecting the designated number. Each rider must sign for themselves and nobody else. Once the course has been completed, please hand the numbers back in at the sign on. Any juniors, who have not completed a parental consent form, must do so before signing on. Sign on will be open from 11am.

New CTT regulations state that all competitors MUST SIGN OFF. Failure to do this will result in a DNF.


The results will be put on the board as they come in. Full results will be posted on the Barnesbury website after the event: http://barnesbury-cc.co.uk/events/2017/detail/1626/Hilly-21

Start Sheet

No Start Time First Name Last Name Club
1 12:01 - - -
2 12:02 - - -
3 12:03 Gareth Davies Barnesbury CC
4 12:04 Thomas Prentice GS Metro
5 12:05 Mark Herbert Team Cystic Fibrosis
6 12:06 Venda Louise Pollock Breeze Bikes RT
7 12:07 Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo
8 12:08 Lee Statham Houghton CC
9 12:09 Angie Doughty Alnwick Cycling Club
10 12:10 Terry Wilkinson Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC
11 12:11 Gareth Clarke Cestria C.C.
12 12:12 Neil Parkin Derwentside CC
13 12:13 Dan Meggison Barnesbury CC
14 12:14 Tania Tucker Tyneside Vagabonds CC
15 12:15 Ian Taylor Blumilk.com
16 12:16 Tim Nichol Derwentside CC
17 12:17 Roy Pattinson Alnwick Cycling Club
18 12:18 Charlotte Cooper GS Metro
19 12:19 Graham Davison Sunderland Clarion
20 12:20 Steven Craggs Blaydon CC
21 12:21 Stewart Moffat Hadrian R.T
22 12:22 Martin Heardman Gosforth RC
23 12:23 Graeme Huston GS Metro
24 12:24 David Cole Derwentside CC
25 12:25 Colin Humphrey Houghton CC
26 12:26 Ross Gray Prima Team Racing
27 12:27 Robert Newton Wansbeck CC
28 12:28 Alan Macaulay Tyneside Vagabonds CC
29 12:29 Fran Little One Life Racing
30 12:30 Danny Grieves GS Metro
31 12:31 Liam Whitelaw Cramlington CC
32 12:32 Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo
33 12:33 Richard Sill Wansbeck CC
34 12:34 Louise Hamilton Teesdale CRC
35 12:35 Keith Davison Hadrian R.T
36 12:36 Ian Mackie EMC Cycling
37 12:37 Richard Skinner Blumilk.com
38 12:38 Steven Marks Tyne Tri
39 12:39 Maddy Hall Breeze Bikes RT
40 12:40 Shaun Tyson Adept Precision RT
41 12:41 Phil Watson Hadrian R.T
42 12:42 Tom Whelan Sunderland Clarion
43 12:43 Dan Small Teesdale CRC
44 12:44 Jane Massey Cramlington CC
45 12:45 Kris Adlington Sunderland Clarion
46 12:46 Sam Murray DRAG2ZERO
47 12:47 David Pritchard Kennoway Road Club
48 12:48 Gary Coates Hadrian R.T
49 12:49 Yvette Wilkins Tyne Tri
50 12:50 Ben Lane GS Metro
51 12:51 Peter Mcewan Breeze Bikes RT
52 12:52 Ian Norris Blumilk.com
53 12:53 Alan Davison Tri Northumberland (Tri North)
54 12:54 Justine Norman Breeze Bikes RT
55 12:55 Matthew Webb Houghton CC
56 12:56 Neil Foster Adept Precision RT
57 12:57 Gary Hall Alnwick & District Triathlon Club
58 12:58 Stuart Cook Cestria C.C.
59 12:59 Simon Forster Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC
60 13:00 Andrew Hall GS Metro
61 13:01 Nick Badcock Allen Valley Velo
62 13:02 Paul Robson Houghton CC
63 13:03 David Milton Muckle Cycle Club
64 13:04 Christine Burns Tyne Tri
65 13:05 Paul Whitehill Houghton CC
66 13:06 John Routledge Barnesbury CC
67 13:07 Hedley Fletcher Ryton Tri Club
68 13:08 Darren Stow Cramlington CC
69 13:09 James Corfield Gosforth RC
70 13:10 Phil Hall Breeze Bikes RT
71 13:11 Dominic Munnelly Newcastle Cheviot CC
72 13:12 Philip Kennell Gosforth RC
73 13:13 Louise Burnie GBCycles.co.uk
74 13:14 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion
75 13:15 Richard Lilleker Cleveland Wheelers CC
76 13:16 Shaun Brannan Muckle Cycle Club
77 13:17 david Linsley Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC
78 13:18 Sam Dodd Barnesbury CC
79 13:19 Raymond Bell Derwentside CC
80 13:20 Keith Murray DRAG2ZERO
81 13:21 James Hadfield Tyne Tri
82 13:22 Chris Wood TS Racing Team - OTR
83 13:23 David Hordon Barnesbury CC
84 13:24 Richard Cleathero North Racing
85 13:25 Michael Sloanes Sunderland Clarion
86 13:26 Jamie Johnson Barnesbury CC
87 13:27 Keith Sibbald Cramlington CC
88 13:28 David Sparrow Cestria C.C.
89 13:29 Edward Hillier Alnwick & District Triathlon Club
90 13:30 Chris Mather M Steel Cycle Racing Team
91 13:31 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club
92 13:32 Lewis McEvoy Sunderland Clarion
93 13:33 Lee Ager Blaydon CC
94 13:34 Stephen McIntosh Barnesbury CC
95 13:35 Thomas Hooper GS Metro
96 13:36 Dean Penfold Cestria Cycles Racing Team
97 13:37 Craig Bell Allen Valley Velo
98 13:38 Don Speight Tyneside Vagabonds CC
99 13:39 Phil Dunn Wansbeck CC
100 13:40 Carl Donaldson GS Metro


Refreshments will be available at the HQ after the event.

Course and Rider Information

 Start at Belsay on unclassified road 200m north of junction of A696 and B6524.

Proceed north on unclassified road via Bolam Lake to junction with B6343 (6.4 miles).

Turn left to Scots Gap taking the first right onto unclassified road to Rothley Cross Roads (9 miles). TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic.

At Rothley Cross Roads turn left onto B6342 to Cambo where left onto B6343 to Scots Gap.

Continue along B6343 to first turn right TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic onto unclassified road in direction of Belsay to finish opposite start.

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Safety Notes

This course is set in beautiful countryside, however it is challenging to even the most experienced riders with high speed descents, some poor road surfaces and early season weather conditions.

Riders should obey the highway code at all times and in particular not cut corners or takes risks with control of their bike on steep/long descents and into corners.

In addition to their personal safety riders also have a responsibility to the sport to ride in both a fair and safe manner.

Safety information and on the day risk assessment will be available when you sign in for the race and an experienced club member will be available for younger riders and novices to discuss any concerns about the course and conditions.

You are advised that:

  • No U-Turns are to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper and no dismounting in the finishing area.
  • Sections of the course are poor repair. Be aware of this nd ride accordingly. We strongly recomend riding the course before racing on it. See  the additional risk information at the top of this page.
  • Take extra care at road junctions and particularly at the T-junction for Scots Gap and the right turn for Rothley Cross Roads.
  • No cutting corners or crossing white lines – if witnessed by an official you will be disqualified.
  • Head up and watch out for potholes and oncoming traffic.
  • You are responsible for navigating the course – familiarise yourself with the course – a map is available on the Barnesbury website

In the interests of your safety, we recommend that all competitors wear a hard shell helmet and start the race with a working red flashing rear light. Junior riders MUST wear a hard shell helmet.



To assist the timekeepers at the finish line can you please ensure that your number is correctly placed and visible from the rear in line with CTT regulations noted below. If your number is too high, the Time Keepers will not be able to see it. “The number shall be centrally positioned below the waist so as to be clearly visible from the rear when in his normal riding position. Position number as shown:” If the timekeepers cannot see your number clearly by being too high or obscured by outer garment such as a gillet, your time may not be recorded resulting in a DNF.

Event Info

Overall PostionFullNameClubFinish Time
1Carl DonaldsonGS Metro00:45:28
2Keith MurrayDRAG2ZERO00:46:35
3Dominic MunnellyNewcastle Cheviot CC00:46:40
Overall PostionFullNameClubFinish Time
47Venda Louise PollockBreeze Bikes RT00:56:11
68Louise BurnieGBCycles.co.uk01:01:51
73Louise HamiltonTeesdale CRC01:03:58
Overall PostionFullNameClubFinish_Time
23Tom WhelanSunderland Clarion00:52:35
26Thomas PrenticeGS Metro00:53:09
43Sam MurrayDRAG2ZERO00:55:48
Vet. One prize per rider. Prize winners highlighted.
Overall PostionFullNameClubVetCatFinish Time
2Keith MurrayDRAG2ZEROV4000:46:35
3Dominic MunnellyNewcastle Cheviot CCV4000:46:40
4Shaun TysonAdept Precision RTV4000:47:28
14Ian NorrisBlumilk.comV5000:50:47
55Tom GuySunderland ClarionV6000:58:16
Team Results (Team of 3 from same Club, Team Auto Collated based on Time) Prizes 1st 3 Teams
1GS MetroCarl Donaldson, Andrew Hall, Ben Lane00:45:2800:49:0500:49:4202:24:15
2Blumilk.comIan Norris, Richard Skinner, Ian Taylor00:50:4700:51:1700:51:4002:33:44
3Sunderland ClarionMichael Sloanes, Kris Adlington, Tom Whelan00:50:2300:52:3200:52:3502:35:30
4Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CCTerry Wilkinson, Simon Forster, david Linsley00:50:3600:52:4400:56:5302:40:13
5Barnesbury CCJohn Routledge, Dan Meggison, Jamie Johnson00:52:4200:54:2300:54:4702:41:52
6Houghton CCMatthew Webb, Colin Humphrey, Paul Whitehill00:52:1700:54:4600:55:1502:42:18
7Breeze Bikes RTPhil Hall, Venda Louise Pollock, Peter Mcewan00:48:2900:56:1100:59:3002:44:10
8Allen Valley VeloNick Badcock, Christopher Beaty, Christian Roberts 00:51:4700:55:5400:57:2602:45:07
9Gosforth RCPhilip Kennell, martin heardman, James Corfield00:54:3600:54:4000:56:0002:45:16
10Cramlington CCDarren Stow, Liam Whitelaw, Keith Sibbald00:53:5000:54:1401:00:3202:48:36
11GS MetroThomas Prentice, Thomas Hooper, Graeme Huston00:53:0900:54:0101:03:5402:51:04
12Hadrian R.TKeith Davison, Phil Watson, Stewart Moffat00:54:5600:57:0901:01:0302:53:08
13Sunderland ClarionLewis McEvoy, Tom Guy, Graham Davison00:54:0300:58:1601:01:5002:54:09
14Barnesbury CCSam Dodd, David Hordon, Stephen McIntosh00:56:3401:00:1101:03:4903:00:34
15Derwentside CCTim Nichol, David Cole, Raymond Bell00:56:2201:00:4501:13:5203:10:59
16Wansbeck CCRichard Sill, Robert Newton, Phil Dunn01:01:0801:04:2601:09:2003:14:54
17Tyne TriSteven Marks, Yvette Wilkins, Christine Burns01:01:5201:04:1001:09:0303:15:05
Most Improved Riders
BibFullNameClub2016 Time2017 Time Delta  Time Delta  %
74Tom GuySunderland Clarion01:07:4600:58:16 00:09:30 -16.3
99Phil DunnWansbeck CC01:17:0901:09:20 00:07:49 -11.3
66John RoutledgeBarnesbury CC00:56:0200:52:42 00:03:20 -6.3
22martin heardmanGosforth RC00:57:5500:54:40 00:03:15 -5.9
61Nick BadcockAllen Valley Velo00:54:4200:51:47 00:02:55 -5.6
7Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo00:59:3700:57:26 00:02:11 -3.8
85Michael SloanesSunderland Clarion00:52:1900:50:23 00:01:56 -3.8
32Christopher BeatyAllen Valley Velo00:57:3600:55:54 00:01:42 -3
20Steven CraggsBlaydon CC00:51:3900:50:05 00:01:34 -3.1
86Jamie JohnsonBarnesbury CC00:56:1000:54:47 00:01:23 -2.5
57Gary HallAlnwick & District Triathlon Club00:58:5000:57:27 00:01:23 -2.4
10Terry WilkinsonTyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC00:51:4800:50:36 00:01:12 -2.4
31Liam WhitelawCramlington CC00:55:2300:54:14 00:01:09 -2.1
6Venda Louise PollockBreeze Bikes RT00:57:1100:56:11 00:01:00 -1.8
70Phil HallBreeze Bikes RT00:49:2300:48:29 00:00:54 -1.9
16Tim NicholDerwentside CC00:57:0600:56:22 00:00:44 -1.3
90Chris MatherM Steel Cycle Racing Team00:50:2000:49:56 00:00:24 -0.8
100Carl DonaldsonGS Metro00:45:4100:45:28 00:00:13 -0.5
91Colin AtkinsonMuckle Cycle Club00:53:3600:53:26 00:00:10 -0.3
45Kris AdlingtonSunderland Clarion00:52:4000:52:32 00:00:08 -0.3

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1Carl DonaldsonGS Metro 45:28 27.71  
2Keith MurrayDRAG2ZERO 46:35 27.05  
3Dominic MunnellyNewcastle Cheviot CC 46:40 27.00  
4Shaun TysonAdept Precision RT 47:28 26.54  
5Dean PenfoldCestria Cycles Racing Team 48:26 26.02  
6Phil HallBreeze Bikes RT 48:29 25.99  
7Andrew HallGS Metro 49:05 25.67  
8Hedley FletcherRyton Tri Club 49:39 25.38  
9Ben LaneGS Metro 49:42 25.35  
10Chris MatherM Steel Cycle Racing Team 49:56 25.23  
11Steven CraggsBlaydon CC 50:05 25.16  
12Michael SloanesSunderland Clarion 50:23 25.01  
13Terry WilkinsonTyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 50:36 24.90  
14Ian NorrisBlumilk.com 50:47 24.81  
15Richard LillekerCleveland Wheelers CC 50:52 24.77  
16Ross GrayPrima Team Racing 50:55 24.75  
17Richard SkinnerBlumilk.com 51:17 24.57  
18Ian TaylorBlumilk.com 51:40 24.39  
19Nick BadcockAllen Valley Velo 51:47 24.33  
20Matthew WebbHoughton CC 52:17 24.10  
21David SparrowCestria C.C. 52:28 24.02  
22Kris AdlingtonSunderland Clarion 52:32 23.98  
23Tom WhelanSunderland Clarion 52:35 23.96  
24John RoutledgeBarnesbury CC 52:42 23.91  
25Simon ForsterTyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 52:44 23.89  
26Thomas PrenticeGS Metro 53:09 23.71  
27Colin AtkinsonMuckle Cycle Club 53:26 23.58  
28Chris WoodTS Racing Team - OTR 53:29 23.56  
29Darren StowCramlington CC 53:50 23.41  
30Thomas HooperGS Metro 54:01 23.33  
31Lewis McEvoySunderland Clarion 54:03 23.31  
32Liam WhitelawCramlington CC 54:14 23.23  
33Dan MeggisonBarnesbury CC 54:23 23.17  
34Philip KennellGosforth RC 54:36 23.08  
35martin heardmanGosforth RC 54:40 23.05  
36Colin HumphreyHoughton CC 54:46 23.01  
37Jamie JohnsonBarnesbury CC 54:47 23.00  
38Keith DavisonHadrian R.T 54:56 22.94  
39Shaun BrannanMuckle Cycle Club 54:58 22.92  
40Neil FosterAdept Precision RT 55:12 22.83  
41Paul WhitehillHoughton CC 55:15 22.81  
42Tim NicholDerwentside CC 55:22 22.76  
43Gareth ClarkeCestria C.C. 55:47 22.59  
44Sam MurrayDRAG2ZERO 55:48 22.58  
45Christopher BeatyAllen Valley Velo 55:54 22.54  
46James CorfieldGosforth RC 56:00 22.50  
47Don SpeightTyneside Vagabonds CC 56:03 22.48  
48Venda Louise PollockBreeze Bikes RT 56:11 22.43  
49Sam DoddBarnesbury CC 56:34 22.27  
50david LinsleyTyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC 56:53 22.15  
51Lee StathamHoughton CC 57:05 22.07  
52Phil WatsonHadrian R.T 57:09 22.05  
53Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo 57:26 21.94  
54Gary HallAlnwick & District Triathlon Club 57:27 21.93  
55Tom GuySunderland Clarion 58:16 21.62  
56Ian MackieEMC Cycling 58:51 21.41  
57Craig BellAllen Valley Velo 59:20 21.24  
58Peter McewanBreeze Bikes RT 59:30 21.18  
59Roy PattinsonAlnwick Cycling Club 59:47 21.08  
60Paul RobsonHoughton CC 59:51 21.05  
61David HordonBarnesbury CC 1:00:11 20.94  
62Keith SibbaldCramlington CC 1:00:32 20.81  
63David ColeDerwentside CC 1:00:45 20.74  
64Edward HillierAlnwick & District Triathlon Club 1:01:00 20.66  
65Stewart MoffatHadrian R.T 1:01:03 20.64  
66Richard SillWansbeck CC 1:01:08 20.61  
67Graham DavisonSunderland Clarion 1:01:50 20.38  
68Louise BurnieGBCycles.co.uk 1:01:51 20.37  
69Steven MarksTyne Tri 1:01:52 20.37  
70Alan DavisonTri Northumberland (Tri North) 1:03:08 19.96  
71Stephen McIntoshBarnesbury CC 1:03:49 19.74  
72Graeme HustonGS Metro 1:03:54 19.72  
73Louise HamiltonTeesdale CRC 1:03:58 19.70  
74Yvette WilkinsTyne Tri 1:04:10 19.64  
75Robert NewtonWansbeck CC 1:04:26 19.56  
76Jane MasseyCramlington CC 1:08:14 18.47  
77Tania TuckerTyneside Vagabonds CC 1:08:22 18.43  
78Christine BurnsTyne Tri 1:09:03 18.25  
79Phil DunnWansbeck CC 1:09:20 18.17  
80Justine NormanBreeze Bikes RT 1:09:46 18.06  
81Raymond BellDerwentside CC 1:13:52 17.06  
82Maddy HallBreeze Bikes RT 1:14:46 16.85  
83Angie DoughtyAlnwick Cycling Club 1:18:38 16.02  
84Gareth DaviesBarnesbury CC 1:28:02 14.31