Ballantyne Trophy


The Barnesbury Cycling Club


The Ballantyne Memorial Trophy Road Race

Sponsored by The Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

On Saturday the 9th of June 2018

At Saint Cuthbert’s Church, Hebron, Morpeth

To be held under the Technical regulations of The British Cycling Federation


Riders are to assemble at 10.20am, at the start of the neutralised section, which will be 50 metres west of the church, on the unclassified road which goes to the A1 road.  Riders are to travel in an easterly direct back in to the village centre, round the right hand bend, and onto the course proper.  Continue for a further 100 metres past which the road joins from Cockle Park to start race proper.  The race will then travel on unclassified road in a southerly direction, until the road joins the B1337 where the race will turn left.  The race will now head in a northerly direction on the B1337, through Longhirst village, caution.  Approximately one mile north of the village, the race will turn left onto unclassified road towards Tritlington, heading in a westerly direction.  The race however turns left onto unclassified road before Tritlington, to head in southerly direction towards Cockle Park.  Continue on same road to Hebron village to turn left at T junction, to complete one full lap (7.6 mile).  Complete a further 5 complete laps.  Then on arriving in Hebron turn left again as if to complete 7 laps.  Continue around circuit through Longhirst to turn left off B1337.  Then continue to finish approximately 500 metres after turn at top of incline in road. For a race distance of 50.6 mile.

1              Stephen Air                        Prima Team Racing

2              Neil Baxter                

3              Jonathan Bayley               Reifen Racing

4              Russel Bayley                     GS Metro

5              Craig Berry                          GS Metro

6              Dominic Blythe                 Flow Racing

7              Alec Bond                            Mid Shropshire Wheelers

8              Gary Bourne                       Prima Team Racing


10           Wilson Brown                    Cycleways SG Petch

11           Christopher Burns            Reifen Racing

12           James Burns                       GS Metro

13           John Cann                 

14           Adam Cooke                      Reifen Racing

15           Marcus Cram                     Blaydon CC

16           Jonathan Cruise                Private Member

17           John Davidson                   Reifen Racing

18           Damon Devine                  Reifen Racing

19           Matthew Foster                Blaydon CC

20           Simon Gibbs                       Reifen Racing

21           Sam Gray                             Muckle CC

22           James Hadfield                  Blaydon CC

23           Tom Harcourt                    T1Diabetes

24           Mick Henderson               Northumbria Police CC

25           Richard Lewis                     Reifen Racing

26           Paul Maven                        Infinity Cycles-cube

27           Ellis McCoy                         GS Metro

28           Darren Mudd                     Cycleways- SG Petch

29           Steven Mulvey                  Reifen Racing

30           Nick Munro                        Royal Air Force CA

31           Tommy Murray                 Kelso Wheelers

32           David Nearney                  South Shields VCC

33           Robert Noble                     Prima Racing Team

34           Danny O’Callaghan          South Shields VCC

35           Ben Osborne                      Blaydon CC

36           Craig Palmer                      Prima Racing Team

37           Philip Parsley                     Muckle CC

38           Gavin Richardson             Sunderland Clarion CC

39           Lee Ridden                          Reifen Racing

40           Adam Robertson    

41           Nick Rowland                     Le Col

42           Richard Skinner       

43           Michael Smith                   Reifen Racing

44           Paul Smith                           Reifen Racing

45           David Sparrow                   Reifen Racing

46           Paul Stubbs                        Ferryhill Wheelers

47           Craig Summersgill            Rock to Roll CC

48           Matthew Sutcliffe            South Shields VCC

49           Lee Cuthbertson              North Tyneside Riders

50           Iain Turnbull                       Prima Team Racing

51           Simon Walker                    Muckle CC

52           Stephen Walton               Muckle CC

53           Graeme Wardale              South Shields VCC           

54           Scot Whitfield                    Blaydon CC


56           Adam Wood                       Muckle CC

57           Paul Wright                         Blaydon CC

58           Keith Melvin                       Rock to Roll CC

59           Gary Ballantyne                Pedal Power RT

60           Douglas Pender                Glasgow Nighingale CC

61           Charles Bayley                          1st reserve

62           Paul Richardson                Manilla GRN                                       2nd Reserve

63           Michael Glynn                   Wills Wheels                                      3rd Reserve

64           Neil Souter         GS Metro                                                             4th reserve

65           Wayne Brewis   Northumbria Police CC                                   5th reserve

66           Alex Reid             Kingston Wheelers                                          6th reserve

67           Graeme Gow     Tyneside Vagabonds                                      7th reserve


Prize List

1st place               £25 cash plus £20 voucher for Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, and The Ballantyne Memorial Trophy to be held until next year’s race, or one year.

2                              £20cash plus £20 voucher for EDC

3                              £15 cash plus £20 voucher

4                              £10 cash plus £20 voucher for Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

5                              £5 cash plus £20 voucher for EBC

6                              £20 voucher for EBC

7                              £20 voucher for EBC

8                              £20 voucher for EBC

9                              £20 voucher for EBC


The race would like to thank The Reverend Alyson Lamb, for kindly agreeing to start the race in Hebron.  The race would also like to thank our sponsor The Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative.  Vouchers can be redeem in any Edinburgh Bicycle Coopereative Shop.  If you are buying on mail order using vouchers please telephone quoting voucher reference.  The race would also like to thank Ben Dobson, Chief Commissaire, and Ian Dimmick, Assistant Commissiaire.  The National escort Group, and everyone else who has made the race possible.  There are a few potholes on the course of the race, the largest of these will be filled for the race takes place.  However riders should exercise due caution.

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