Sam Walton Border Trophy

The Barnesbury Cycling Club


The Sam Walton Memorial Border Trophy Road Race

On Sunday the 10th of June 2018, at 10.30am

At Merton Hall, Merton Way, Ponteland

Held under the technical regulations of The British Cycling Federation

Riders are to assemble on Merton Road, at the Thornhill road end at 10.20am.  The race safety briefing will take place at 10.25am.  At 10.30am the neutralised section of the race will commence.  Riders are to turn right onto Thornhill Road to head in an easterly direction.  In approx. 100metres turn left onto North Road, to head in a northerly direction.  Continue on North Road to Course proper by the main entrance to Kirkley Hall (2.7mile).  Stay on the North Road to start first lap 100 metres north the junction.  The race will then continue on same road  and will cross the eventual finish line by Shilvington.   The race will continue to the junction at Gubeon to turn left onto the B6542 to head in a westerly direction.  The race continues to Whalton village and turns left onto unclassified road towards Ogle, then at Ogle turns right to head towards Kirkley.  Then by the entrance to Kirkley Hall turn left to complete one lap.  Complete a further 6 laps.  Then one reaching Kirkley Hall after seven laps turn left again to finish by the edge of  Shilvington.  Approximately 100 metres before the left turn into the lane for Shilvington.  For a race distance of 82.5 mile.

  1. Jake Tanner

  2. John Archibald Ribble CyclingElite

  3. Christopher Booth Salt Ayre Cog Set2nd

  4. Peter Boyes TS Racing Team2nd

  5. Andy Brown Metaltek Kuota1st

  6. Dillon Bryne VCUKElite

  7. Jonathan Caisley Northumbria Police CC 2nd

  8. Patrick Clark Team B38/ Underpin2nd

  9. Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield GiantElite

  10. William Corbett Ribble Cycling1st

  11. Archie Cross Team B38/ Underpin2nd

  12. Eugene Cross Team B38/ Underpin2nd

  13. Alex Dalton Wheelbase CastelliElite

  14. Thomas Denwood Harrogate Nova1st

  15. Keith Greenwood Pedal Power RT2nd

  16. Ben Harrison Crimson Performance RT1st

  17. Peter Hawkins Muckle CC3rd

  18. Ralf Hodgson MTS Rapid Engineering1st

  19. Richard Jones Ribble Cycling Elite

  20. Alastair Kay York Cycleworks2nd

  21. Matthew Kipling MTS Rapid Engineering1st

  22. Zeb Kyffin GS Metro1st

  23. Alex Luhrs Ribble CyclingElite

  24. Ellis McCoy GS Metro2nd

  25. Scott McCrossan East Kilbride RC1st

  26. Daniel MacDermott FTR Milltag2nd

  27. Richard McDonald Bioracer Project1st

  28. Alex Platt BCR Racing2nd

  29. Jack Rees Ribble CyclingElite

  30. Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant1st

  31. Mark Robertson Army CUElite

  32. Kieran Savage Cycling Sheffield Giant2nd

  33. Chris Sleath MTS Rapid Engineering1st

  34. Phillip Smith Manilla GRN3rd

  35. Michael Smith Reifen Racing3rd

  36. Daniel Smith TS Racing Team2nd

  37. Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant1st

  38. Jude Taylor Team B38/ Underpin2nd

  39. Tim Wilcock GS Metro2nd

  40. Simon Wilson Ribble CyclingElite

  41. Harry Yates Cycling Sheffield Giant2nd

  42. Richie Allen GS Metro1st

  43. Steve Craig NRG Cycles RT3rd

Please note competitors should park in the public car parks east and west of Merton Hall, competitors should be prepared to give way to traffic in the neutral zone.  The race would like to thank Mayor Alan Varley (Mayor of Ponteland) for kindly agreeing to start the race.  The race is currently struggling for finance, and is currently being subsidised just in order to make it possible to take place.  The race and the races sister race The Ballantyne Trophy are to be ran collectively to achieve no profit collectively.  Currently there are no cash prizes, this may change before race day.  It is likely that prizes will be posted to riders after the race.  The race allows for entry on the day, please encourage your friends/team mates to enter the race.  Please note there are no primes.  The Sam Walton Memorial Border Trophy will be presented to the winner of the race following the race, to be held until next year’s race.

The race would also like to thank the Chief Commissaire, Ben Dobson, the  assistant commisaaire Ian Dimmick, the NEG group and everyone else who has made the race possible.

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