Hilly 21

Promoted for and on behalf of the Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations.

Online entries: https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/24359


New national rules, and one local rule you must be aware of.

  • Working FRONT AND REAR lights MUST be fitted to your bike. No lights – no ride.
  • Hard-shell helmets are now mandatory for all riders – no lid, no ride.
  • District Regulation re Right Hand Turns (T-Junction off the B6343 on the return leg, and the RHT turn at Scots Gap. You must not cut the corner when turning. 8 Riders where disqualified last year for breaking this rule.  


Belsay School NE20 0ET.

This is the 1st event since the COVID restrictions were relaxed, and we are aware that case numbers are rising in the region and that many people are still a little wary of getting ill. We will be encouraging riders to avoid gathering indoors, and as such we will not be providing refreshments at this event. There are however lots of coffee shops in the area – both in Belsay and in the surrounding area. There is also a shop in Belsay very close to the start/finish.


There is very little parking in Belsay and we advise all riders to ride to the start or to be dropped off/collected away from Belsay. DO NOT PARK in BELSAY, on the course or anywhere that would be a hazard or inconvenience anyone. DO NOT park on grass verges and take care not to block drives. Please use the litter bin provided for drinks and gels etc. No rubbish to be left on the course. If you do decide to drive to near the event, ensure any vehicles are parked safely and without hindrance to other road users. CTT advise no parking on verges.

Signing on and off

Each rider must sign the sign-on sheet before collecting the designated number. Each rider must sign for themselves and nobody else. Once the course has been completed, riders must sign off. Failure to do so WILL result in disqualification. Any juniors, who have not completed a parental consent form, must do so before signing on. Sign on will be open from 11am.

CTT regulations state that all competitors MUST SIGN OFF. Failure to do this will result in a DNF.


Provisional results will be posted on the Barnesbury website after the event: http://barnesbury-cc.co.uk/events/2022/detail/2409/Hilly-21 & CTT in due course. Course and Rider Information

Safety notes:

  • Vehicles of competitors / officials / marshals / helpers to be parked safely and without hindrance to other road users. Riders:
  • Take extra care at road junctions, and particularly those when turning right.
  • No U-turns to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper.
  • GENERAL RIDER SAFETY NOTE: o Road surface conditions may change depending on the season, weather or condition of the road. It is the riders’ responsibility to ride in such a manner that allows them to ride safely and with consideration to other road users at all times
  • Head down riding is dangerous.
  • It is the responsibility of the rider to check the Risk Assessment on the dsy to be aware of any extra hazards or changes they should be aware of.
  • Every Competitor MUST have, fixed to their machine, both a front and rear facing, working light. These must be clearly visible (Regulation 14)
  • Every rider MUST wear a helmet that conforms to current Safety Standards (Regulation15) and it is their responsibility to ensure it fits correctly and is in good condition/undamaged.

New District Regulation re Right Hand Turns

Riders shall not cut corners at right-hand turn junctions on courses i.e. they must observe road markings and not move to the right-hand side of the road being turned out of or in to. Any rider reported not following this District Regulation shall automatically be disqualified from the event.

Start at Belsay on unclassified road 200m north of junction of A696 and B6524.

Proceed north on unclassified road via Bolam Lake to junction with B6343 (6.4 miles).

Turn left to Scots Gap taking the first right onto unclassified road to Rothley Cross Roads (9 miles).

TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic. At Rothley Cross Roads turn left onto B6342 to Cambo where left onto B6343 to Scots Gap.

Continue along B6343 to first turn right TAKE CARE at right turn to look up for oncoming traffic onto unclassified road in direction of Belsay to finish opposite start.

Safety Notes

This course is set in beautiful countryside; however, it is challenging to even the most experienced riders with high speed descents, some poor road surfaces and early season weather conditions.

Riders should obey the highway code at all times and in particular not cut corners or takes risks with control of their bike on steep/long descents and into corners.

In addition to their personal safety riders also have a responsibility to the sport to ride in both a fair and safe manner.

Safety information and on the day risk assessment will be available when you sign in for the race and an experienced club member will be available for younger riders and novices to discuss any concerns about the course and conditions.

You are advised that:

No U-Turns are to be made in the vicinity of the timekeeper and no dismounting in the finishing area.

Take extra care at road junctions and particularly at the T-junction for Scots Gap and the right turn for Rothley Cross Roads.

No cutting corners or crossing white lines – if witnessed by an official you will be disqualified.

Head up and watch out for potholes and oncoming traffic.


You are responsible for navigating the course – familiarise yourself with the course – a map is available on the CTT website


To assist the timekeepers at the finish line can you please ensure that your number is correctly placed and visible from the rear in line with CTT regulations noted below. If your number is too high, the Time Keepers will not be able to see it. “The number shall be centrally positioned below the waist so as to be clearly visible from the rear when in his normal riding position. Position number as shown:” If the timekeepers cannot see your number clearly by being too high or obscured by outer garment such as a gillet, your time may not be recorded resulting in a DNF.


Bib Start Time Rider Club
3 12:03 Richard Glennie Barnesbury CC
4 12:04 Amelia Cleathero Racing Metro 15
5 12:05 Noel Stoddart Blaydon CC
6 12:06 Kris Whitelaw Vector Racing
7 12:07 Jonathan Cairns North Tyneside Riders CC
8 12:08 Peter Phillipson VO2MAX Race Team
9 12:09 Stephen Wood Sun City Tri
10 12:10 Julian MacBride Team Kirkley Cycles
11 12:11 Colin Blacklock Muckle Cycle Club
12 12:22 Zach Haigh Barnesbury CC
13 12:13 Simon Crisp Gosforth RC
14 12:24 Ray Bell Derwentside CC
15 12:15 Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion
16 12:16 Ian Elliot Hawick Cycling Club
17 12:17 Carl Foreman Muckle Cycle Club
18 12:18 Gary Hall Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
19 12:19 Sarah Lewington Alnwick & District Triathlon Club
20 12:20 Shaun Brannan Muckle Cycle Club
21 12:21 Joanne Rea Team Kirkley Cycles
22 12:12 Keith Sibbald Zeus CRT
23 12:23 Philip Gilbanks Muckle Cycle Club
24 12:14 David Cole Derwentside CC
25 12:25 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club
26 12:26 Tim Burdon Allen Valley Velo
27 12:27 Paul Barrett Velo Culture
28 12:28 Barry Holyoak South Shields Velo Cycling Club
29 13:29 Frank Devlin South Shields Velo Cycling Club
30 12:30 Michael Sloanes Velo Culture
31 12:31 Scott Hunter Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club
32 12:32 Alessandro Marvaldi Vector Racing
33 12:33 Lee Ridden Reifen Racing
34 12:34 Joe Applegarth Durham Triathlon Club
35 12:35 Christopher Wayman Blumilk.com
36 12:36 Keith Davison Hadrian R.T
37 12:37 Libby Crawford VO2MAX Race Team
38 12:38 Caroline Cunningham North Tyneside Riders CC
39 12:39 Jonathan Dowson Barnesbury CC
40 12:40 Jay Pitt Velo Culture
41 12:41 Stewart Burke GTR - Return To Life p/b Streamline
42 12:42 Gary Lawless Muckle Cycle Club
43 12:43 Carol Westmorland Border City Whs CC
44 12:44 Denise Drummond Alnwick & District Triathlon Club
45 12:45 Peter Stokoe Reifen Racing
46 12:46 James Corfield GS Metro
47 12:47 Francis Smith Derwentside CC
48 12:48 Vicky Gibbs Reifen Racing
49 12:49 Jack Smith Vector Racing
50 12:50 Adam Smith Team Kirkley Cycles
51 12:51 Phil Hall Velo Culture
52 12:52 Dougi Hall Border City Whs CC
53 12:53 Daniel Anderson South Shields Velo Cycling Club
54 12:54 Daryl Ahomet Muckle Cycle Club
55 12:55 Daniel Holmes Ribble rechrg Race Team
56 12:56 James Meadows Cleveland Wheelers CC
57 12:57 Harris Hall Velo Culture
58 12:58 Alexander Storey GS Metro
59 12:59 Mike Westmorland Border City Whs CC
60 13:00 John Routledge Barnesbury CC
61 13:01 Michael Lynch Derwentside CC
62 13:02 Louise Burnie Blaydon CC
63 13:03 James Bader Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club
64 13:04 Justine Norman Velo Culture
65 13:05 Matty Smith Muckle Cycle Club
66 13:06 Colin Humphrey Protech Velo
67 13:07 Robert Marshall Team Andrew Allan Architecture
68 13:08 Simon Reynolds Sun City Tri
69 13:09 Tom Campbell Team Kirkley Cycles
70 13:10 Lewis Timmins Vector Racing
71 13:11 Terry Wilkinson GTR - Return To Life p/b Streamline
72 13:12 Lee Statham Houghton CC
73 13:13 Craig Hodgson Muckle Cycle Club
74 13:14 Stuart Cook Cestria C.C.
75 13:15 Finlay Robertson Derwentside CC
76 13:16 Ian Taylor Blumilk.com
77 13:17 Owen Jeffries Gosforth RC
78 13:18 Tim Miley Northumbria Police C.C.
79 13:19 Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds CC
80 13:20 Lewis Wake Team Kirkley Cycles
81 13:21 Robert Noble Infinity Cycles RC
82 13:22 Sarah Hamilton VO2MAX Race Team
83 13:23 James Gunn Derwentside CC
84 13:24 Ian Walker South Shields Velo Cycling Club
85 13:25 Philip Kennell GS Metro
86 13:26 Chris Mather Derwentside CC
87 13:27 Simon Forrester South Shields Velo Cycling Club
88 13:28 Christopher Wilcock Muckle Cycle Club
89 12:29 Steve Rust Team Trident
90 13:30 Michael Gill Saint Piran

Event Info

Team Results

Position Club R1 R1Time R2 R2Time R3 R3Time Total
1 Velo Culture Jay Pitt 00:46:22 Phil Hall 00:48:05 Harris Hall 00:50:05 02:24:32
2 Team Kirkley Cycles Lewis Wake 00:46:33 Julian MacBride 00:46:46 Tom Campbell 00:54:32 02:27:51
3 Muckle Cycle Club Matty Smith 00:47:54 Christopher Wilcock 00:50:47 Colin Atkinson 00:51:33 02:30:14
4 Vector Racing Lewis Timmins 00:45:51 Kris Whitelaw 00:52:48 Jack Smith 00:54:18 02:32:57
5 Barnesbury CC John Routledge 00:49:33 Zach Haigh 00:50:23 Richard Glennie 00:56:46 02:36:42
6 Reifen Racing Peter Stokoe 00:48:18 Lee Ridden 00:54:26 Vicky Gibbs 01:02:32 02:45:16
7 Muckle Cycle Club Craig Hodgson 00:54:18 Colin Blacklock 00:54:58 Carl Foreman 00:56:38 02:45:54
8 Derwentside CC Chris Mather 00:50:44 Michael Lynch 00:53:45 Ray Bell 01:06:04 02:50:33

Full Results

PositionRiderNameClubTimeAvg Spd
1Michael GillSaint Piran 42:59 29.31 1st Men
2Lewis TimminsVector Racing 45:51 27.48 2nd Men
3Jay PittVelo Culture 46:22 27.17 3rd Men
4Lewis WakeTeam Kirkley Cycles 46:33 27.07  
5Julian MacBrideTeam Kirkley Cycles 46:46 26.94  
6Terry WilkinsonGTR - Return To Life p/b Streamline 47:46 26.38  
7Matty SmithMuckle Cycle Club 47:54 26.30  
8Phil HallVelo Culture 48:05 26.20 1st Vet STD +19:26
9Peter StokoeReifen Racing 48:18 26.09  
10Stewart BurkeGTR - Return To Life p/b Streamline 49:27 25.48  
11John RoutledgeBarnesbury CC 49:33 25.43  
12Alexander StoreyGS Metro 49:34 25.42  
13Harris HallVelo Culture 50:05 25.16 1st Junior
14Zach HaighBarnesbury CC 50:23 25.01  
15Daniel HolmesRibble rechrg Race Team 50:31 24.94 2nd Junior
16Chris MatherDerwentside CC 50:44 24.84  
17Mark TullySunderland Clarion 50:45 24.83  
18Christopher WilcockMuckle Cycle Club 50:47 24.81  
19Colin AtkinsonMuckle Cycle Club 51:33 24.44 2nd Vet STD +17:34
20Simon CrispGosforth RC 52:14 24.12  
21Kris WhitelawVector Racing 52:48 23.86  
22Christopher WaymanBlumilk.com 52:51 23.84  
23Tim BurdonAllen Valley Velo 52:58 23.79  
24Scott HunterBerwick Wheelers Cycling Club 53:45 23.44  
25Michael LynchDerwentside CC 53:45 23.44  
26James CorfieldGS Metro 53:58 23.35  
27Jack SmithVector Racing 54:18 23.20  
28Craig HodgsonMuckle Cycle Club 54:18 23.20  
29Lee RiddenReifen Racing 54:26 23.15  
30Tom CampbellTeam Kirkley Cycles 54:32 23.11  
31Joanne ReaTeam Kirkley Cycles 54:34 23.09 1st Women
32James MeadowsCleveland Wheelers CC 54:44 23.02  
33Robert MarshallTeam Andrew Allan Architecture 54:51 22.97  
34Colin BlacklockMuckle Cycle Club 54:58 22.92  
35Jonathan CairnsNorth Tyneside Riders CC 55:12 22.83  
36Carl ForemanMuckle Cycle Club 56:38 22.25  
37Richard GlennieBarnesbury CC 56:46 22.20  
38Jonathan DowsonBarnesbury CC 57:08 22.05  
39Keith SibbaldZeus CRT 57:34 21.89  
40Roger ClarkeTyneside Vagabonds CC 57:40 21.85  
41Simon ReynoldsSun City Tri 58:18 21.61  
42Daryl Ahomet Muckle Cycle Club 59:00 21.36  
43Stuart CookCestria C.C. 1:00:07 20.96  
44Noel StoddartBlaydon CC 1:00:22 20.87  
45Carol WestmorlandBorder City Whs CC 1:01:06 20.62 2nd Women
46Mike WestmorlandBorder City Whs CC 1:01:09 20.61 3rd Vet STD +17:11
47Paul BarrettVelo Culture 1:01:55 20.35  
48Simon ForresterSouth Shields Velo Cycling Club 1:02:26 20.18  
49Peter PhillipsonVO2MAX Race Team 1:02:27 20.18  
50Vicky GibbsReifen Racing 1:02:32 20.15 3rd Women
51Caroline Cunningham North Tyneside Riders CC 1:02:43 20.09  
52Justine NormanVelo Culture 1:02:59 20.01  
53Sarah LewingtonAlnwick & District Triathlon Club 1:05:57 19.11  
54Ray BellDerwentside CC 1:06:04 19.07  
55Francis Smith Derwentside CC 1:07:26 18.69  
56Amelia CleatheroRacing Metro 15 1:07:43 18.61 3rd Junior
57Stephen WoodSun City Tri 1:08:19 18.44  
58Denise DrummondAlnwick & District Triathlon Club 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
59Louise BurnieBlaydon CC 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
60Shaun BrannanMuckle Cycle Club 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
61Philip GilbanksMuckle Cycle Club 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
62David ColeDerwentside CC 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
63Joe ApplegarthDurham Triathlon Club 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
64Keith DavisonHadrian R.T 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
65Libby CrawfordVO2MAX Race Team 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
66Adam SmithTeam Kirkley Cycles 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
67Dougi HallBorder City Whs CC 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
68Sarah HamiltonVO2MAX Race Team 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
69Ian TaylorBlumilk.com 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
70Colin HumphreyProtech Velo 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
71Lee StathamHoughton CC 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
72Ian WalkerSouth Shields Velo Cycling Club 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
73Philip KennellGS Metro 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
74Steve RustTeam Trident 59:59:57 0.35 DNS(A)
75Finlay RobertsonDerwentside CC 59:59:58 0.35 DNS
76James GunnDerwentside CC 59:59:58 0.35 DNS
77Michael SloanesVelo Culture 59:59:58 0.35 DNS
78Barry HolyoakSouth Shields Velo Cycling Club 59:59:58 0.35 DNS
79Gary HallRoyal Navy & Royal Marines CA 59:59:58 0.35 DNS
80Ian ElliotHawick Cycling Club 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
81Frank DevlinSouth Shields Velo Cycling Club 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
82Alessandro MarvaldiVector Racing 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
83Gary LawlessMuckle Cycle Club 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
84Owen JeffriesGosforth RC 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
85Tim MileyNorthumbria Police C.C. 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
86Robert NobleInfinity Cycles RC 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
87Daniel AndersonSouth Shields Velo Cycling Club 59:59:59 0.35 DQ
88James BaderKelso Wheelers Cycling Club 59:59:59 0.35 DQ