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Presidents Run 2010

A dull grey day but no rain saw  a small but enthusiastic band of brothers meet at Kenton Bank Foot and set off to the Hill Climb venue of Sandhoe near Corbridge. The pace was fast owing to a tail wind and the absence of Janis Wildsmith, who usually tries to rein in the pace to that which she is comfortable at.

After a brief stop at Matfen for ablutions we all set off and on arriving at Sandhoe completed our freewheel competition, which was won, again, by Stephen McIntosh, who, if he hadn't braked would have ended up at Hexham as he crested the rise after the downhill part, which usually slows everybody else. This in itself is a record. Perhaps aided by his expanding waistline?

The casual hill climb at Sandhoe was attempted by a small band of intrepids, who struggled to the top by various methods. Pete Manners thought it would be a hoot to snap his gear cable and attempt the hill in a 39x11 gear(he walked).

Paul Murphy was the fastest, and the fastest Barnesbury  man was Andy Hale again. Well done all.

The lunch stop was held at Acomb village hall and was superbly catered for by Rob and Pat Nichol who provided the tea and by Alan Wilson and Christine who brought along a great selection of cakes, which made struggling up the hill out of Acomb  afterwards an even bigger grind.

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