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Old Member Dies

 I am writing now to let you know of the sad demise of another member from days gone by - Doug White - at the age of 88. Doug saw active service in the RAF in WW2 and returned to the Club on his demob. An enthusiastic road man, rather than track, he put up many good times, without ever reaching the highest levels. An enthusiastic Club man, one of his many contributions was trhe formation of the Barnesbury Bubbles - a concert party that provided rich, if somewhat ribald, entertainment at our annual Xmas festivities and which went on tour to spread sweetness and light to lesser mortals - light ale, mostly, and some did end up quite mortal. Ah, well. Another of the oldies gone. Not feeling too good myself - though I do get up on the high fells around Keswick on a regular basis - alas, sans bike. My best regards to current members, young and old.

The funeral will be held at St Mary's church in Ponteland at 1.15p.m. on the 1st June 2011.

Yours till the chain-oil freezes

John E Merritt 

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