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Cyclo-Cross Season is Coming!

In the North East this year there will be two Cyclo Cross Leagues running with an extensive series of events. The North East Cyclo-Cross League is ran under TLI regulations and their season consists of 8 rounds, beginning on 11th September at Whickam Thorns in  Gateshead.  CXNE which is ran under British Cycling Regulations, will be running a massive 15 round season starting on the 4th September at Kirby Stephen.

Whichever series you choose (and many ride both), you will be guaranteed a great race. Cyclo-Cross is an excellent way into cycle racing and excellent winter training. The races  consist of hour long, off road races, and whilst you will be faster on a specific cyclo-cross bike, mountain bikes are more than welcome. The races are cheap fun, ideal for kids, beginners and uber athletes alike, and even if you get dropped you are still in the thick of it.

Over the next 4 weeks, NECCL are running an Autumn mini-series, so if you fancy a go before it gets too muddy, then get yourself along.

Barnesbury will be promoting two Cyclo-Cross races this season, one TLI and one BCC. Both events are at Gallagher Park. Check out our races page, or the respective Leagues websites for more info.

The biggest event of the Cyclo-Cross season and the traditional opening event is the 3 Peaks -a 40-odd mile world of pain. Barnesbury members Jason McCourt & Geoff Turner will both be competing.

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