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Barnesbury Summer 2012 10 miles TT Series

Can you ride 10 miles? Then try a 10 miles time trial!

If you’ve never ridden a time trial before, they are simply timing a rider over a fixed course, in this case 10 miles. Riders are set off individually at one minute intervals and try to ride the course as quickly as they can. Don’t worry about not being the fastest rider – only one person is and everybody has been overtaken at some point – your main competitor is yourself.

You don't need any specialist equipment other than a roadworthy bike, and whilst most riders use either standard road bike with Tri Bars or a specific Time Trial bike, we have had trikes, tandems and even penny farthings turn up and race.

We strongly recomend that you wear a cycling helmet, and if you want to help any passing motorists see you, then a rear light would be beneficial.

Cyclists not in a club can ride 3 events without being a member of any club (the Try-It scheme), then you need to join a CTT (Cycling Time Trials) affiliated club.

The first ride on the Try-It scheme is free otherwise it is £3 per rider.

The 10 miles time trials start on Wednesday 18th April and continue every Wednesday until 29th August (except 20th June when we have our 25 mile race that needs pre-entering.)

Please Note: Due to early season daylight lengths, for the first two events only (18th & 25th April) we planned to start the 1st rider at 18.45, however if enough riders arrive in time then we will try to start the 1st rider at 18:30.

Daylight can be a problematic at this time of year, especially for the later riders, so we strongly recomend that all riders use a rear light.

Full details, dates, course maps, results and photos will be published on the individual evetn pages that you can find on the right  hand side of this website or on our events page.

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