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Road Training

Starting Thursday 10th January 2013 (be ready to start at 7pm) we will be meeting at the junction of Nelson way and Colbourne Avenue in the Nelson Industrial Estate (for those that have ridden the club 10’s before – where we normally sign on. For those that haven’t the nearest postcode is NE23 1WD or check out last year’s events calendar for a map). Depending on attendance we plan to run these every Thursday for the next couple of months.

These sessions will last an hour or so and initially we will be concentrating on learning and practising riding in a paceline.

Once we can all ride in close formation without wiping each other out and at a steady pace we will concentrate on upping the work rate. If you are new to close formation riding then please try and get to the early season sessions as we will all be a bit rusty.

As with all winter riding, we strongly recommend mudguards as it’s no fun sitting in someone’s spray.

Despite the street lighting it will be dark, so front and rear lights are a pre-requisite as is a helmet. It is also worth remembering that black cycling gear may be great for Team Sky but its rubbish for riding in the dark and being seen by motorists so flouro up.

As usual, check out the Facebook group for updates, cancellations, questions and suggestions for the sessions.

Please note: these sessions are being ran by experienced club members and not the club coaches although they may be in attendance.


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