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Trail Building Volunteers Needed

The club is at the forefront of facility development at Gallagher Park. Working with Pete Lang and Ted Liddle (the team behind Glentress) the downhill and skills loop are first on the agenda. Work is likely to start at Gallagher Park towards the end of February. However we need as many trail builders to get involved to make the work manageable. Please get in touch through the website if you can help. To build the facility we will need about 5-7 days of 10-20 volunteers. Work will be hard work moving rubble, building tracks up and down the old pit heap.

We will be running a trail building practical course during the phase to learn from the best in the business on how to construct trails. If you work for an organisation that commits staff time to voluntary projects then this might be an ideal project to get involved in. Again please get in touch if you can forward this idea.

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