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Gallagher Park Progress


Another good session last Wednesday and Thursday of last week to get most of the preparation for the volunteers ready.

Wednesday: Cut a slightly ammended Downhill Black line (with chicanes at the crossing points again) and started to look at a push-up path. Anthony got on the job, whilst Mike and I started brashing the Skills Loop.

Thursday: Mike and Malcolm on stump grinding to complete most of Red line done, spent the day cutting the lower leg (dual-use path) of the skills loop and part of the singletrack climb/descent at the far end. Ted helped with clearing in the afternoon plus one other volunteer with his wee laddie also got stuck in.

Next tasks……

The folk who have indicated to Stephen they are interested in helping out will be contacted for help clearing the branches from the skills loop. Idea is to make habitat piles/stack of the cut logs. There is 140m or so to do so we will need help (dates to follow). This will leave the dual-use section ready to rough out with an excavator and part of the singletrack loop ready to form with a mini- digger.

Downhill Lads: Think about the best line for a push-up. Either up the middle between the newly cut trailways or alongside the black line to the east.

Also to do:

Cut the remaining sections of singletrack to complete the Skills Loop. This can be done on the first day the excavator is on site to rough out the dowhill tracks. Perhaps Mike will be on hand to assist for this. I'm working on a site in Stornoway just now, but I'll get both the tender detail sheets and dates out soon.

All the best



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