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Gallagher Park Update

Many thanks to the volunteers for helping in surfacing the red and black downhill routes at Gallagher Park which are just about done, this will help riders use the trail all year round. There is still quite a bit of work to do though (see below) and I’m looking for those interested in forming a trail building group to get in touch.

NCC are currently under taking a masterplan for the whole park which will look at all the users on the site.

A provisional date of 16th October has been pencilled in for an opening of the downhill routes - please look out for further updates regarding this. Currently we are awaiting for signage to be installed as well as some benching for walkers in other parts of the park.

Pete Laing will be attending 2 work days to teach/instruct volunteers how best to utilise what we have on site, so can you let me know which days work best for you and I’ll look to accommodate the majority – perhaps a day in the week and a Saturday may work best?

Currently we are awaiting for further loads of surfacing material to be dumped to finish off the skills loop which in its current state is impossible to ride in the wet. We also have stones to construct features in the skills area.


Jobs to do

Finish off surfacing

Brashing a push up track


Skills Loop (once NCC provide the surface materials)

Hand sculpt the contours of the trail

Lay surfacing materials ensuring drainage for surface run off

Start to construct skills areas with currently available materials

Litter pick up/tidy up trails areas


Hope all this makes sense. Once this has been completed then we will look at the next project to develop on the site. This is likely to be a technical uphill climb. If you would like to get involved please contact

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