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1 Year On

Today's youth coaching session concluded Barnesburys first year in bmx...and what a year!!! 12 sessions, 2 regionals, numerous podiums in the novice classes and great progress made by all the kids! It's been a steep learning curve for all those concerned but the kids stepped up to the challenge and in the little time we had available, did us all in all weathers, learning new skills and techniques and holding their own against some more experienced riders at both the Barnard Castle and Hartlepool regionals. We also managed to attract a few new members to the club along the way which is great.

That said 2014 is going to be even bigger and better!! We've already doubled the amount of bmx sessions for next year giving the kids more opportunity to practice, hone and perfect the skills and techniques they've learnt this year so as to be even more the old saying goes 'Practice makes perfect!'.

With plans for the installation of a bmx start gate at Gallagher Park, hopefully the gate will see our young Barnesbarians go from strength to strength, competing in more regional events and hopefully moving from the novice to expert classes. I also believe these changes will raise the profile of the club, not just with the local community but the surrounding areas too and in turn attract even more members to the club. So with that said I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved...the club, committee, coaches, parents, NCC, FoGP but especially the kids for all of the effort, help, hard work and support in making this year a great success...and here's to 2014!...'Veho Duras!!'

Gordon Hodgson

Coaching coordinator
Barnesbury CC


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