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Jack Watson - Barnesbury World Champion

Between 8-10th August 2014 the Human Powered Vehicle World Championships took place in Saone, near Besancon, East France. Three local riders from the Barnesbury CC travelled to take part in the event, which saw Cramlington based rider Jack Watson become the HPV Junior World Champion. Riders could compete on any design of machine that uses human power to propel themselves around the courses. The World Championship in 2014 included a 2.6k hill climb, a 200m flying sprint and a 1000m standing start sprint, as well as a mass start 100km.

Jack, a budding all round rider said “I was surprised to win the event as there were over 140 riders from around the world competing in the championships. I have been riding BMX, time trials and off road events and only got into HPV events last year when my dad bought a second hand bike, so to win the World Championship event was just amazing. I can now wear the World Championship Jersey at events for the next 12 months”.

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Jack is hoping to defend the jersey in 2015 in Germany.

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