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Youth Presentation Day

On Saturday 25th July 2015 the Barnesbury CC will be hosting an open day and presentation forour Muddy Monday MTB Youth League and the George Webster Memorial BMX League. All children who have taken part in those events will receive a certificate and those attending will also receive a prize. Those prize winners unable to attend Barnesbury CC will arrange for riders to receive their prize either at their own club session or later in the year at our club's annual Presentation in November.

Those who haven't taken part are also welcome to attend as we will behaving a free open day that starts at 10.00am with our MTB coaching session, followed at 11.00am with a come and try session on the BMX track (the club has some full face helmets/pads), but please see website for clothing needed for riding the track.

At 12.00pm we will be holding our presentation, before a "come and try it" grass track coaching event. For those in the club this event will count towards our Summer Series trophies (Muddy Monday/George Webster BMX/Grass Track are the events that count). The grass track will comprise of an elimination race, sprint and pursuit (depending on numbers). Riders to use MTB bikes or BMX.

For more info please contact us through the website.

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