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Date Fixing 2016

It is that time of year again, when the club appeals to our members that might be interested in putting on an event (of any kind), coming together and to plan for 2016. The CTT and BC have been in touch to try and get advanced notification of people keen to organise. I have already posted info about BC (see separate article), however CTT's area Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Monday 5th October 2015 at 7pm at West Moor Community Centre, West Moor.  Once the business of the AGM is concluded, the date fixing will be concluded., however advanced notice is needed to plan effectively and make the meeting run smoothly.

Are you wanting, or can you help organise an event on behalf of the club? The committee along with other key volunteers are trying to plan so it isn't left to one person to organise an event. The club has a lot of experience in organising events to enable to assist 1st timers, so if you want to attend our own club meeting scheduled for a date (TBC) before August, please get in touch with Stephen at


We are also looking for new committee members at our own AGM (see separate article coming soon), so please just don't think someone else will do it, get involved in your club whatever level you feel comfortable at and spread the workload of the existing volunteers in whatever way you can.


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