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NE Track Cluster Sessions

The date for the next North East Go Ride Track Cluster Session at Manchester Velodrome is Sunday 20th December. Expressions of interest from our eligible riders are required including their track experience as soon as possible in order that the places can be allocated fairly. ***Please note*** If you think you might have the talent to try and get onto the BC sports pathwayof excellence then you will need to attendon a regular basis the cluster sessions. There are opportunities to get involved in other regions track sessions as well. See one of the coaches for details of other activity.


North East Go Ride Clubs Track Cluster Sessions

Our track cluster sessions at Manchester Velodrome are made up of riders from North East Region Go Ride clubs. The intention being to bring riders together and provide support for crossing the gap from Go Ride club sessions, onto the BC Performance Pathway and prepare them for Regional Schools of Racing (RSR), Accreditation and Track Leagues. The National Cycle Centre age range for riders attending is 9 – 16.

The sessions at Manchester consist of three groups:

Red  (Beginners) - Getting riders confident riding a fixed gear bike on a velodrome.

Amber  (Intermediate) -  Group riding , changing and controlling speed and position in a group.

Green (Advanced) – More advanced group riding and race skills.

Each group has a skills criteria that riders need to satisfy before they can move on. The lead coach will observe the riders and tick off the relevant skills as they are achieved.

The Red group is where riders have their first experience of track cycling and is the most flexible group, where riders may drop in or drop out depending on their experience or enjoyment.

Once a rider is ready to progress to Amber or Green groups, it is necessary for them to commit to the process, with the intention of progressing to accreditation and racing. It is important that riders understand the importance of attending as many sessions as possible in order to move on through the groups and allow new riders to come through.

Once a rider has successfully met all the criteria for Green group, they will be encouraged to move on and attend Youth Accreditation, Track League, RSR and Youth SQT.

The session will last 3 hours. The groups will ride in rotation, spending 15 minutes on the track, 30 minutes off. A briefing/debriefing will take place during the 30 mins off. Each group will have 4 x 15 minute sessions on the track per visit.

After the pre session briefing, the parents/guardians will be asked to vacate the riders `D` in order to allow the riders and coaches to work without the possibility of distraction. An exception will be made if a new rider is feeling particularly anxious. Parents/guardians are discouraged from shouting instructions whilst riders are on the track as this may contradict the coaches briefing.

Riders who own Rollers should be encouraged to bring them to the session and allow younger riders to have a go and get used to them.

It would be beneficial if beginners have attended Go Ride clubs coaching sessions and already practised skills such as pedal ready position & moving off from a fence, checking over their shoulder and changing position in a group.

Hire bikes are available but worth noting is they are fitted with either `Look Delta` pedals or flat pedals with toe straps. It important that all riders are already comfortable attaching their shoes to pedals as this can be very time consuming at the start of each 15 minute block.


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