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2016 BMX Regional Schools of Racing

The Barnesbury coaches have been invited to to help deliver the 3 RSR's for BMX in 2016 an exciting development that will hopefully benefit our riders and continue their pathway to regional and National competition. RSR's are aimed at riders wanting to develop their talent and are across the disciplines in cycle sport (road, cross, track, MTB and BMX). Riders interested in attending discipline specific RSR's need to be nominated by coaches from the club and want to race at regional/National level.

In 2016 the 3 RSRs will be in the following format:

The first will be skills orientated and the day’s session will take place on flat ground. RSR 2 will start with some flat skills work and then these skills will be taken to the track for the rest of the session. RSR3 is race orientated. Riders will be involved in a lot of group efforts and in the afternoon we will have a mock race (similar to what we have done within the club in the past, but at a higher skill level.

Each Region can choose up to 10 riders in any mix of Boys and Girls that they see fit, however riders have to be born in 2001, 2002 and 2003, and must be at the required level to attend (just being keen at BMX doesn't cut selection.

If you are keen to develop please speak to Gordon, who will be able to do the nominating on behalf of the club.Venue is likely to be Manchester and cost £6 per session (you have to be a first claim member of the club to be nominated).


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