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Drug Use and Time Trials

It has come to the attention of the Barnesbury CC that some riders may seek illegal competitive advantage and resort to drug use in local tt's. The CTT Team Time Trial Championships in 2015 saw the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) confirm that Andrew Hastings, a member of the Richardsons – Trek RT team, which placed second in the Championship tested positive. Hastings has been suspended from all sport for four years, from and including 30 May 2015, following this Anti-Doping Rule Violation. Andrew Hastings is disqualified from all events he has taken part in from and including the Team Time Trial National Championship held on 30 May 2015.

Hastings tested positive for two anabolic steroids; metenolone, its metabolite and a metabolite of stanozolol. The findings came as a result of an in-competition test at the Championship. The Richardsons – Trek RT team, of which Andrew Hastings was a member, has been disqualified from the Championship, and will forfeit its second placing.

The revised top three placed teams in the Championship are therefore:

Team Swift: Alastair Wareham, Andy Jackson, Simon Beldon 1:03:27

Fibrax – Wrexham RC: Chris Edmondson, David Crawley, David Williams 1:04:23

Banks/Catford CC Equipe: Chris Fennell, Henry Latimer, Lawrence Carpenter 1:04:28

The Barnesbury want to highlight the shameful practice of cheating and drug use in sport, which could have potential harmful implications getting caught may have on the individual, their families, the club membership and the club as well as the sport in general. It isn't just the potential longer term harmful health effects drug use may have an impact on, but will affect your self respect and reputation could be destroyed. For what a PB or an additional few seconds in a local event? The potential of a CTT medal or cap...... is it really worth it?

All Open event competitors could be requested to supply a urine sample for testing after competition, and the rules of drug use are clear. It is down to YOU, the individual rider to make sure you are clean and not take any illegal performance enhancing substance (exactly the same rules as the pros). Many banned substances can be obtained in non prescription medication that can be bought over the counter at the local chemist. PLEASE take this as a warning not to end up like another HASTINGS.

Information on the banned drugs list can be found at 

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