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Barnesbury CC 2015 Winners

Brian Bayne our new President and our outgoing President Jim Allen were on hand to present the trophies to all our winners. The last 12 months have seen some highs and lows over the course of the cycle season. What a 12 months the club has had;

  • Our World Champion Jack Watson retaining his Championship jersey

  • Representation in national and international competition in time trialling, cyclo-cross, MTB, and BMX

  • Increased representation and success in regional road races and time trials

  • Dean Madden breaking a long standing 24 hr club record

  • The development of our young and old BMX riders into higher competition, including Mick Hood winning a trophy at a regional BMX event and Martin Ballinger and Jack Watson attending the European Cup Round at Manchester against some of Europe’s best riders

  • The development of our club volunteers with Ewa qualifying as a CTT Timekeeper, our first ever club First Aid course meaning we have over 15 qualified first aiders in the club, we also had 2 new level 1 and 3 level 2 coaches qualify in 2015

  • Jack Watson / Martyn Ballinger – Level 1 Coaching

  • Alun Morley / Neil Cranston / Brian Johnson – Level 2

  • Continued development in cooperation with Northumberland County Council of events and facilities in the SE Northumberland area which will see the building of a changing facility at Gallagher Park in 2016

  • And finally being part of the Tour of Britain stage finish into Blyth and getting an invite onto the Sky Bus and Stephen even managed to get his face on TV!

The first award is the HPV awards won by brothers Jack and Pete Watson. Pete came 2nd at the World Championships in Belgium, and came 2nd in the UK HPV Series. His older brother Jack retained his junior World title and won a Special Recognition trophy from the club.

Jack finished 11th nationally (senior champs), whilst his dad Simon finished 32nd (15th in the part faired category/8th in the unfaired) and Pete finished 29th against all comers/14th in the unfaired).

Youth Club Captain Award 2015

Joe Hodgson continues in the role for 2015-16. Joe has developed his volunteering role and attended a BC Young Volunteers Award in 2015. Joe is currently working towards a Gold Award, based on the number of hours volunteered.

Cyclo Cross Awards 2015 and 2016

Our Youth Club Champions, winning a plaque at the 2015 NECCL event at Gallagher Park on 26th September 2015 was:

U14 – Jack Nicholson

U12 – Pete Watson

U10- Jon Morley

U8 – Noah Bayne

U6 – William Clark

The senior competition winner used to go to the club rider scoring the most combined points from the NECCL and CXNE leagues. Brian Johnson retained the cup last season and continues to represent the club in National events up and down the country this winter ably assisted by his dedicated pit crew Ewa, however for 2016 the club decided the winner would be determined by a one off race which was held earlier today. The Barnesbury Cyclo-Cross Cup went to the first rider across the line which was junior Roddy Weir.

1 Roddy Weir

2 Ben Othen

3 Steve Clark

4 Brian Johnson

5 Neil Cranston

6 Geoff Turner


MTB Trophies

From a club perspective there has been some fine individual performances in various forms of MTB sport. 2nd claim rider Alun Morley competed for Northern Downhill nationally in the Gravity Enduro National Series claiming 7th in the National Championships in Wales. Jon Morley followed in his father’s footsteps showing true skill and determination of a future champion to be the youngest rider in many of his under 12 downhill races. Jon has shown promise with a 7th in the Scottish Power Mini Downhill at Fort William. Jon had to qualify to ride the race and won an event in Innerleithen and he won an event at Kielder in the under 12 category in the Northern Downhill TT.

In cross country the 25th ranked rider in the UK in the super vet category was our chairman Geoff Turner. Geoff is now in the “super vet” category and proved to be a super vet scoring a 1st , 2nd and x2 3rd in the Nutcracker series placing him 2nd overall without doing all the events. It could have been first if he had competed in all of them. Brian Johnson also competed in national events along with several other of our riders, our off road riders has shown some growth in 2015 and the club promoted a round of the NE MTB League, something we continue to wish to promote in June 2016. Our senior winner goes to the Barnesbury rider with the most BC points in the NE MTB Series. The winner who placed 2nd at the Redcar event and 4th in series overall was Ben Othen.

Last year’s female winner was busy doing other things.... namely giving birth to perhaps a future member.... there’s an idea to grow membership!!! There was no Female winner.

Muddy Monday Youth MTB League is the clubs promotion to encourage participation in off road activity for our youngsters. This league and the prizes on offer is open to all comers and the trophy winners reflect this inter club competition to help develop the next generation of off roaders. All the winners have received their prizes and trophies for 2015 at a separate presentation. Thanks to Simon and Jack for promoting the event as well as the other volunteers including those not in the club for volunteering to make the event a success, however the club is proud to have the club members attending tonight to be presented with their trophy’s and certificates.


Zavier Cleathero




Grace Scott

Newcastle Phoenix

u6 Girls


Jonathon Morley

Barnesbury CC



Isla Hodgson

Tyneside Vagabonds

u8 Girls


Jake Hodgson

Barnesbury CC



Amelie Cleathero

Hetton Hawks



Grace Castle

Newcastle Phoenix



Kade Turnbull


Morpeth Road Primary School CC



Jack Nicholson

Morpeth Road Primary School CC



Fran Wilkinson

Morpeth Road Primary School CC

u14 Girls


Joseph Tubby

Tyneside Vags



BMX Awards

Like MTB, success was evident in BMX as our club and members developed their appetite for the need for speed and air. Martyn and Jack compete in the European Cup rounds at Manchester in 2015 competing well against much more experienced riders. They continued their progress which will continue to bear fruit in 2016. Mike Hood won his category in the regional champs and the interest in this branch of cycle sport continues to grow. The club has just held our winter series at our home track and we continue to send riders to Manchester to compete in their indoor series. Last year the club had 1 rider coming in the top 100 BC riders in the Country. I would like the following to come up and receive special mention for coming in the BC top 100:

29th Mick Hood – BMX Cruiser 40-44

62rd Pete Watson male 11 cat

56nd Jack Watson 17-24 cat

91st Martyn Ballinger 17-24 cat

This year the club decided to progress our BMX club championships at Gallagher Park and host the inaugural George Webster Memorial Cup. A series of Youth BMX races to decide our youth champions for 2015 George and Stephen secured the funding to build the track in the first place and he sadly died after a battle with cancer in 2013. Like the Muddy Mondays our winners were presented with their prizes at a separate ceremony.

Most Improved Rider

Kenzie Sinclair – George Webster Memorial Plate



Club Road Race Trophy Winner

The club has historically awarded our open road race trophies at each event. This year due to a lack of a few volunteers Stephen had to cancel both events which were scheduled for the same weekend in May. This was perhaps the major let down of the year. The races were cancelled and trophies not awarded.

NE RR Champion was Ben Hetherington Achieve Skinnergate winning the Ian Vaughan Memorial Cup owned by BCC and given to the NE Division to honour our past member.

In 2015 the club has seen a number of riders racing road races. This is great to see and hear about. Several riders have shown promise. The Billy Calow Trophy is awarded to the club rider with the most BC points. This year has developed from last and hopefully our riders can continue to race as a team at key events in 2016. From speaking to people around the Division it is nice to get the Barnesbury talked about in a positive light. Unfortunately our winner is unable to make tonight due to him competing in a 24hr MTB Race, but Mark Armstrong, not only won a Nissan crit but scored enough points to become 3rd cat. Terry and Steve Clark also scored BC points and Terry got a 4th place at the Emergency Services National RR which was great to see.

14 points Mark Armstrong

6 point Terry Wilkinson

3 points Steve Clark

Most Improved Rider Award

Goes to the youth rider the coaches thinks has improved most over the last year. There has been a lot of development with riders riding BMX. The winner has shown the overall biggest improvement. From what was a beginning where he really was very nervous about riding off road. Attending regularly our Saturday sessions he has developed his confidence and this lead him to attending BMX sessions and his confidence grew to the point where he is now entering races and competing in cross races and Tuesday coaching. He has shown the ability to further improve and develop his hard won talent. The coach’s choice for his improvement is George Cranston. George always rides with a smile on his face, the right way to ride.

The SUMMER SERIES Trophies are supported by East and West Bedlington Parish Council. This trophy is awarded to the Barnesbury youth member with points gained in the Muddy Monday MTB League, our BMX Series and a Grass Track activity organised in the summer. There were no girl winners in 2015. The boy’s u12 and u16 winners were:

U12 Boys winner for 2015 is Pete Watson.

U16 Boys winner is Jack Nicholson.

Hill Climb 2015

Our riders showed a greater enthusiasm for perhaps the hardest branch of cycle sport. The short, but the vomit inducing race against the clock that is the Hill Climb.

This year the event was more competitive than ever with a range of riders attending our Presidents Run and riding the event. Having shown promise in the regional series with 2 top 10 results Thomas Hordon won the event held traditional as part of our Presidents Run. Thomas takes the Hill Climb Challenge Shield for the first time, the first time it has been won as a junior in over 20 years. There were no youth riders or female riders taking part.

Time Trial Awards

This is traditionally where the heart of the club has been. Our rider performances have continued to develop. Notable performances from Thomas Hordon winning the N&DCA Junior BAR, Pete Manners continues to belittle the age barrier but has had some health scares during the year and Terry Wilkinson winning the road category in the Derwentside SPOCO event showed his potential if he got aero. Perhaps the most notable performance was Dean who not only came 19th in the 24hr hour National Champs, but also broke the long standing club record in the process with a distance of 415.97miles (Dean also broke the VTTA Northern record). Brian Johnson, Dean Madden and Steve Clark scored the N&DCA Vets team championships.

Hilly 21 TT

Many thanks for Ian Bryan for taking time to promote his final addition of the event which was well organised and again very well received by riders new and old to time trialling. A testament to his event was the interest in entering. It continues to be the biggest event in the North East TT calendar. Hopefully Brian can continue where Ian left off in 2016. On behalf of the club, thank you Ian. A very strong line up had competition throughout the field with a lot of Barnesbury club riders taking part, some for the first time.

The club award 2 trophies from the event. The Paul Wildsmith Trophy goes to the Fastest Team of 3 riders. This year’s winners were again GS Metro who continued their domination from 2013, 2014. The Ken Wilkinson Memorial Trophy goes to the fastest Barnesbury rider at the event. With a time of 51:00 the winner is Terry Wilkinson.

Open 25 TT

Thanks to Dean for again organising the event which saw 65 riders take the start line in the Wednesday evening event. The club has 3 trophies for this event. 1st Place in the open event was KEITH MURRAY (Strategic Lions) with a time of 51:58 winning the Jonny Rankin Trophy.

There was a lot of competition for the fastest Barnesbury rider in our handicapped trophy which is the Jack Burney Memorial Trophy with 5 riders recording a time within 1 minute of each other. Steve Clark came out on top with a time of 56:13 beating Thomas by 7 seconds.

The Novice Club Champion the final trophy to be awarded at the 25. This year’s winner has shown a determination and 100% commitment to riding the bike fast! The Stan Sadler trophy is presented to the Novice club rider in the 25 mile tt this is open to first year riders only. The winner in 2015 was Steve Clark with a time of 57:13.

50 Mile TT

Controversy reined at the almost 50 mile TT. Due to road works the course was altered by organiser Ian Bryan in an attempt to continue on with the event and allow it count towards the BAR. Winner of the Roy Beveridge Memorial Trophy with a time of 1:59.23 was Carl Donaldson (GS Metro).

Club 10’s

The club 10 events have been a long tradition in this part of the north east. As part of CTT rules we are unable to award non club riders prizes for this series. The Barnesbury member with the best 6 10 mile TT performances and winning the TOM PORTER MEMORIAL TROPHY is Neil Payton.

The BELLE RANKIN TROPHY is awarded to the fastest junior or youth rider in the club 10’s with the best 6 events counting. The winner in 2015 is Thomas Hordon.


The Jack Adams Trophy goes to the club member with the fastest average speed, based on times for two 10 mile TTs, two 25 mile TTs, and one 50 mile time trial. The highest average speed wins. Times must be based on performances on Northumberland and Durham courses only, with the exception of the 50 time, which can be achieved on either North East or Teesside courses. This year’s winner is TONY WATERSON with a speed of 25.85mph.

The Joe Jones Cup is awarded to the veteran time trial champion based on vets standard times over two ten mile TTs, two 25 mile TTs and one fifty mile TT.  (50 miles in either North East or Teesside).  Tony Waterson was the rider with the highest total of plus standard times wins the trophy with +48.07.

The final award is in special recognition of his performance at the 24 hour National Championships and for breaking the long standing club record recording a new club record of 415.97miles. Dean Madden takes a Special Recognition Award which concludes our awards evening.

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