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Design the Northern Regional Jersey Competition

The Northern Region launched a competition at the Preston Regional BMX Race recently to design the new jersey for the North Region for this years British Championships.  The competition is open to anyone wishing to submit an entry.  Closing date for this will be Sunday 19th of June at the Blackpool regional.  The committee will narrow down the finalists and then put it out to vote to the members. There will be a goody bag for the winner and each shirt will say have the winners name on it.  Please remember our colours are black and white.  Given the rule change regarding all entrants wearing their region shirts at the Brits - we unlike other regions we will be supplying shirts to all those entering through the North Region.

Entries can be sent back via email to the regional committee or given in person at the forthcoming regional.  The Regional Facebook pages will also have these details, so get designing and wear your design at the Nationals! Send your entries to

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