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The Jo Cox Way

The Barnesbury CC have been asked if our members would like to get involved in an exciting ride to celebrate the murdered MP - Jo Cox's life. The event will leave Batley Market Square on Wed 17th August through to the Houses of Parliament on Sunday 21st August 2016. The event is open to riders who are keen to participate on a number of levels.

1. Ride the full route

2. Ride the full route as part of a club team

3. Ride a single day of the route

4. Ride a section of one of the days.

In addition, as the event is designed to enable general public participation, the organisers are keen to encourage riders to join in along the route and cycle alongside the main event group. There would be designated areas where public could join in and ride along the planned route, from just a handful of miles to part of a section of the route for the day. The ride has already established a specific Facebook page:
And Twitter : @TheJoCoxWay

A specific email address for the event has been created if people are wanting to register their interest:

If you are interested the ride will be around 60 miles per day. This is not a race and so the ride will be at a pace that everyone could manage.

During the run-up to the referendum the debate was very polarising and led to the murder of Birstall and Spen MP Jo Cox. The incident has had a profound impact upon many people. It has also highlighted Jo Cox’s amazing character to people who had not had the pleasure of meeting her. In addition to her wonderful work for charities, a very strong message has come out which was her dedication that Jo had, ensuring that communities embraced their diversity and as a result developed stronger communities.

The amazing work being undertaken around the UK by dedicated people from all walks of life epitomises the above principles up and down our country, the ride will highlight this and come together to ride together and raise awareness and much needed funds to the charity:

• Highlight the great work that Jo Cox has undertaken during her life.
• Celebrate the great many projects on route that are being undertaken that support communities.
• Demonstrate that communities are stronger when working together.
• Raise funds with all funds raised going to Jo’s charities.

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The Jo Cox Way's photo.
The Jo Cox Way

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