Safe Group Riding on the Road

Barnesbury CC want to ensure all our members ride in a safe manner whilst on the road. The club organise lead rides for riders that race, novice adults and young riders and we want to make sure our members keep enjoying their passion.

Every rider is responsible for their own safety whilst out on any of our organised club rides or races. They are each expected to contribute to keep the group ride safe for all. From time to time crashes do occur, however we want to keep these to a minimum.

British Cycling have launched a campaign for responsible road racing called RaceSmart:

The committee from time to time does receive complaints from other road users about dangerous riding (mainly during race situations by non club riders), we would like to minimise these as well. The Barnesbury CC has a very good long standing reputation as a responsible and considerate cycling club. We want our members to continue this well into the future.

Riders must whilst taking part in a club ride:

  1. Obey the Highway Code; See DfT guidance for cyclists
    • Keep a maximum of two abreast, unless on narrow or busy roads, where you should be aware of queues of traffic building up behind. Consideration should be given to singling out to prevent frustration of motorists held up by the group. Loud and clear instructions to the group from riders should be given.
    • Be considerate to other road users.
    • Stop at red lights and pedestrian crossings
  2. Be equipped for the conditions
    • Ensure your bike is in good working order.
    • All riders are strongly advised to wear a helmet.
    • Bring enough money, food and drink for the distance they are riding.
    • Bring suitable warm or cool clothing for the conditions (conditions can vary during day long rides.
    • Have tools and spares to be self sufficient.
  3. When group riding
    • Keep to the correct side of the road.
    • Give warning of obstacles and approaching vehicles to other riders, without taking undue risks with riding one-handed.
    • Avoid sudden braking or sideways movements except in emergency.
    • Be prepared to heed warnings from others
    • Understand how to ride safely in a chain-gang.
    • Be aware of the cyclists directly in front of you, in case they slow or stop;
    • Be aware that if you stand up in the saddle abruptly your bike will suddenly move backwards;
    • When singling out, communicate clearly with the riders around you (the recommended technique is for the inside cyclist to go ahead. The outside cyclist is then able to see immediately when it is safe to move in.
    • Move to the back of the bunch if you need to remove clothing or do something else that might disrupt the bunch or involve risk.
    • Do not use music players, phones or do anything else that takes your attention away from riding your bike and other road users.

Barnesbury CC has a desire to instil a safety-culture both in our member and in those we ride alongside.  Club members are reminded that as vulnerable road users we still have rights and responsibilities as legitimate road users.
Crashes are often caused by weather conditions, inattention, poor maintenance, fatigue, road conditions, inappropriate manourvers or by a combination of factors – not least by other road users. All riders bear an onus of responsibility both to fellow group riders and to other road users.