Sponsors and Supporters

We would like to thank the following organisatons for their help and support:

East Bedlington Parish Council

Thanks for the grant in 2010 toward publicity for the club.


West Bedlington Parish Council

Thanks for the grant in 2011 towards publicity and trophies to support youth initiative during the summer.

Northumberland County Council

In 2010 gave grant to help develop youth activity at Gallagher Park, has also helped by providing assistance/support in developing Gallagher Park as a cycle friendly venue and assisted in the preparation of the park when hosting events.


Community Foundation

Helped support the club for a grant towards a pop up marquee and coaching placements.


Wansbeck CVS

Organisation we are part of to help develop volunteers into the club from none sporting strands. Assists clubs to access grant information.


Northumberland Sport

Assists the club development partnerships and aids internal club development to strengthen the clubs volunteer base.


British Cycling

Actively supports the youth development of the club with Go Ride. Gives discounted membership to first year members. Also supports school coaching initiative, Go Ride Racing programme and helps provide pathways into the sport by utilising their regional staff to assist club volunteers.


Cycle Coaching North

Helps support the coaching volunteers in the North East of England. Barnesbury CC has been a member of the organisation since its inception.


Friends of Gallagher Park

Aims at developing sporting opportunities at Gallagher Park that local people can get involved with.


Northumbria Police

Supported the club with a small grant in 2011/12 to develop participation and club coaching.

Bernicia Housing association.

Their resident forum have supported the club in 2012 to develop their “Muddy Monday Mountain Bike League” initiative.


Tony Blair Foundation

Developing the sport and club through assisting us to find and fund volunteer coaches