Club Trophies

Each year the Barnesbury CC holds an annual presentation evening, taking place in the autumn/winter of that year. We have recently established club championships for all youth categories girls and boys from u6 up to u16 in BMX, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and road cycling. Is you have scored any BC points can you please let the competition co-ordinator know before the AGM.

The club also have senior champions for time trialling, road racing, MTB x-country, cyclo-cross, hill climbing and BMX. For a list of annual trophies and how to win them please see the below list.

Awarded annually to the winner of the Ballantyne Trophy Road Race.

This silver plated cup with lid was given to the Barnesbury in 1963 when the Club took over the promotion of the race from the now defunct Tyne Olympic CC. The trophy was presented for competition by Mr Ballantyne whose son Alan, sadly died at the age of 18 whilst out running with the Elswick Harriers.  Following his passing his family sold his bike and other cycling equipment, and used the money to purchase The Ballantyne Memorial Trophy.  Alan was a talented and popular member of The Tyne Olympic Cycling Club.


2018Alan NixonBlumilk
2017Ian NorrisBlumilk
2016-Not Ran
2015-Not Ran
2014Callum Grieve (
2013Mick Jones01:24:00
2012Richard Jones (Bike Science)02:31:00
2010Scott McCrossan (Pedal Power)02:10:00
2009Andrew Beattie (Gosforth Road Club)02:17:20
2008C Herbert (MTS Cyclesport)02:07:00
2007A McIlroy Auchencrow Thistle
2006J MossMTS CycleSport
2005R GouldbournRutland CC
2004Lewis MeadowsCleveland Wheelers
2003Paul NotonCottingham Couriers
2002Keith MurrayScience in Sport
2001C BattersbyLancashire RC
2000Ian NorrisBarnesbury CC
1999R KingVC 167
1998C AdamsGS Metro
1997S RigbyGS Orion
1996G MillwardKeighley Velo
1995M NicholsonBorder City Wheelers
1994S CampbellGosforth RC
1993Colin AshCestria CC
1992Sam WaltonBarnesbury CC
1991A LawsonGosforth RC
1990H HardistyRidley CC
1989Ian Vaughan Barnesbury CC
1988S TelfordRidley CC
1987P SummersRidley CC
1986D MaughanMiddridge CRT
1985P FindlayGS Metro
1984B DavisonSunderland Clarion
1983C ClaytonRyton Cheviot
1982Dave LundMiddridge CRT
1981Mike BellSunderland Clarion
1980M MilenNorthern Velo
1979R StevelyTeeside Clarion
1978S BellTeeside Clarion
1977A BusbyHartlepool CC
1976RJ WalmsleyBarrow Central Wheelers
1975J BootlandWhitley Bay RC
1974J BootlandWhitley Bay RC
1973B WearingHartlepool CC
1972D ColtmanNewcastle Cheviot
1971Ron LongstaffBarnesbury CC
1970N OlomanTyne Velo
1969M WallerHartlepool CC
1968Ron LongstaffBarnesbury CC
1967K WillisCheviot RC
1966R RobsonTyneside Clarion
1965A ToppTeeside Cyclones
1964DS OsborneEarlyBirds CC
1963T MaguireBarnesbury CC
1962M ConnorWestEnd RC
1961R WetherellGosforth RC
1960R HaltonTyne Electric
1959TE HoodTyne Olympic
1958R EmmersonTyne Vags
1957RJ LowryTyne Olympic
1956IJ BestTyne Velo

Awarded to the Barnesbury rider with the highest points accumulated in both the BC (CXNE) and TLI (NECCL) winter leagues.


2016Ben Othen 
2015Roddy Weir 
2014B Johnson 
2013G Turner 
2012G Turner 
2011G Turner 

Awarded annually to the winner of the 10 mile club championship held for under 18s and is based on performances by junior and youth riders in the club ten mile time trial series. Six events count, and where no youth/junior riders complete six events then the trophy is awarded to the rider with the fastest time in any Club 10.

This silver bowl with a scallop bead edge was originally presented by Mrs Belle Rankin in 1951 for the winner of the Ladies Bast-All-Rounder competition over 10, 15 and 25 miles. In later years support for the ladies event declined and in 1955, it was decided to give this trophy to the Junior 10 mile champion.

The Barnesbury was for a number of years a men only club, but during this time Belle Rankin being married to Johnny Rankin found herself involved in many club activities and for some time was an unofficial assistant Racing Secretary and in 1938, when women were again admitted to the Club, Belle was promptly made a vice-president in recognition of her work behind the scenes.


2018P Watson26:25
2017J Hodgson26:48
2016P Watson33:56
2015T Hordon 
2012J Watson26:32
2011J Watson28:11
2010J Watson28:49
2005L McGovern26:24
2004L McGovern24:40
1991C N Gray25:33
1990G Turnbull23:36
1989S Walton23:16
1988S Walton24:29
1987G Wordsworth25:08
1986H Walker22:36
1985H Walker23:26
1984P Bell24:08
1983P Cunningham22:48
1982N Robson24:53
1981D Ritchie23:14
1980M McVittie24:14
1979D Ritchie23:52
1978M McVittie24:11
1977J Davy25:21
1976J Davy25:09
1975K Blackett26:58
1974R G Anderson24:04
1973D A Longstaff22:19
1972D A Longstaff24:17
1971D A Longstaff24:43
1970R Denholm24:34
1969R Denholm25:07
1968D Graham24:45
1967P J Laidler25:22
1966E Wilkinson24:57
1965P Laidler25:50
1964A Anderson24:23
1963A Anderson24:35
1962A J Stokoe24:56
1961T Maguire25:31
1960C R Stokoe24:56
1959J G Scott23:52
1958G Scott25:27
1957T Charlton25:52
1956G R Patrick24:44
1955D A Ritchie24:14

The Billy Calow trophy awarded to the club road race champion -  the rider with the highest amounts of BC points accumulated during the season.  Where no BC points are gained by any rider, points are awarded for performances in TLI races and the rider with the highest total is champion.


2018-No eligible Riders
2017S Clark 
2016-No Eligible Riders
2015M Armstrong 
2014D Madden 
2013T Wilkinson 
2012C Horton 
2011C Gray 
2010C Gray 
2009J Cann 
2008J Cann 
2007J Cann 
2006J Cann 
2005J Cann 
2004J Cann 
2003J Cann 
2002E Potts 
2001I Norris 
2000I Norris 
1999S Walton 
1997B Walton 
1996C Gray 
1995P Wildsmith 
1994P Wildsmith 
1993P Wildsmith 
1992S Walton 
1991G W Mount 
1990G Turnbull 
1989I Norris 
1988P Bell 
1987J Bland 
1986I Norris 
1985I Norris 
1984P Bell 
1983T Read 
1981D Swailes 
1980R Healy 
1972R Snowden 
1971R Snowden 
1970E Wilkinson 
1969E Wilkinson 
1968E Wilkinson 
1967E Wilkinson 
1966N Brown/E Potts 
1965N Brown 
1964J A Dixon 
1963J A Dixon 
1962I.N Smith 

Awarded annually to the winner of the Club confined hill climb.

The annual hill-climb is a popular event now held on Fawcett Hill near Sandhoe, and previously at Hedley on the Hill. The first event was held in 1961. The trophy is made of teak and consists of a shield mounted on a square plinth and was made for the Club by Mr Eric Wilkinson in 1968.


2017S Clark02:26
2016S Clark02:45
2015T Hordon02:19
2014T Wilkinson02:08
2013J Kelly02:34
2012A Hale02:42
2011A Hale02:34
2010A Hale 
2009J Cann 
2008A Hale 
2007J Cann 
2006J Cann 
2005J Cann 
2004J Cann 
2003E Potts 
2002B Walton 
2001B Walton 
2000B Walton 
1998B Walton 
1997C Surnam-Wells 
1996S McIntosh 
1995P Wildsmith 
1994P Wildsmith 
1993S Walton 
1992S Walton 
1991G Cobb 
1990G Cobb 
1989G Turnbull 
1988P Bell 
1987P Bell 
1986P Bell 
1985P Bell 
1984P Bell 
1983P Bell 
1982P Bell/T Read 
1981D Swailes 
1980R Healy 
1979R Healy 
1978E Potts 
1977I Spensley 
1976I Spensley 
1975I Spensley 
1974J Joseph 
1973D Longstaff 
1972D Todd03:31
1971I Roberston 
1970E Wilkinson 
1969E Wilkinson 
1968D Coltman 
1967E Wilkinson 
1966E Wilkinson 
1965N Brown/E Potts 
1964A Wilson 
1963T Macguire 
1962A Wilson 
1961A Wilson 

"The Ian Vaughan Trophy” is awarded annually to the winner of the Senior Road Race Championship promoted by the North East Division of British Cycling. The trophy was presented in memory of Ian by his parents, following his tragic death in 1990. Ian had been taking part in the annual Tyneside Vagabonds Mountain Time Trial and was passing the Waggon Inn near Belsay, Northumberland, when he was struck head-on by a motor car being driven on the wrong side of the road. Ian was aged 25 years old.

Born on the 13th May, 1965, Ian was the eldest son of Allan and Joan Vaughan. He joined the Barnesbury Cycling Club in 1980 at the tender age of 14 years old. Ian’s early cycling days were spent mainly in the company of a group of fellow teenagers, under the watchful eye of Tom Bell. The group included Tom's son and daughter - Paul and Carol, Gordon Brown, Ian Flowers, Ian Norris and Gail Turnbull. Through Tom's enthusiasm for the sport and for touring in particular, the youngsters were introduced to the joys of riding the bike and then onto racing.

By 1988 Ian’s time-trialling ability had developed and he won the Barnesbury CC Best All Round Competition, over the then distances of 25, 50 and 100 miles, emulating his father 30 years previous. "Frankie", as Ian was affectionately known, was always willing to do “his bit" for the club and held a number of committee positions throughout his Barnesbury time. A genuine "all-rounder", Ian also participated in track racing, but his main interest was road racing, winning the 1989 Ballantyne Trophy RR, promoted by fiancée Gail Turnbull whom he met through the club and married later that same year.

Ian died on 20th May 1990 aged 25 years old whilst competing in a time trial near Belsay, Northumberland. In recognition of Ian's love of road racing, his popularity among his fellow competitors, the Barnesbury suggested that the trophy donated by Ian’s parents should be offered to the winner of the Divisional Road Race. Presented on an annual basis to the champion, the trophy continues to be awarded even after the merger of the old North East and Cleveland Divisions.

The below list illustrates the illustrious names winning the trophy since its inception in 1991 with the first winner being Jeff Wright of Tyne Velo. Jeff a North East hard man was presented with the trophy by Joan Vaughan at that year’s club awards presentation. The trophy remains the property of the Barnesbury. For our fellow Barnesbarian. Missed, but never forgotten.



2019Zeb KyffinRibble Cycles
2016Ben Hetherington Planet X - Northside Cycling
2015Ben HetheringtonAchieve Northside Skinnergate
2014James MossGiordana RT
2013Thomas TimothyAchieve Skinnergate RT
2011Harry TanfieldTeam Wallis CHH RT
2010Matt KiplingMTS
2009Matt KiplingKUK Kinesis
2008Colin HumphriesTeam Sportscover
2007Matt KiplingMTS
2006Peter Hawkins 
2005Chris MarksBiketracks
2004Kevin ByersFietsen Tempo
2003Richard KingBallatyne CRT
2002Steve KennyKuota Spinergy GSG
2001Stephen WardVC Azzurri
2000William MitchinsonGS Metro
1999Michael MallenGS Metro
1998Steve GibsonGS Metro
1997Glen TurnbullGS Metro
1996Trevor GreenerGS Metro
1995Glen TurnbullNorth East RT
1994Mark AddinallNorth East RT
1993Graeme StirzakerNewcastle University CC
1992Simon TelfordRidley CC
1991Jeff WrightTyne Velo

The Jack Adams Trophy is awarded to the club time trial champion, based on times for two 10 mile TTs, two 25 mile TTs, and one fifty mile time trial. The highest average speed wins. Times must be based on performances on Northumberland and Durham courses only, with the exception of the 50 time, which can be achieved on either North East or Teesside courses.

From the 2020 Season, the N&DCA 100, or the Vags MTT can count as a qualifying replacement for the 50.

This silver two handled cup was the first trophy to belong to the Barnesbury and was presented to the Club in 1928 by the President at that time Mr Jack Adams. Jack Adams was a well-known and popular cycling enthusiast who owned a cycling shop in Newcastle. In honour of his dedication to the sport, Jack Adams was elected the first President of the Barnesbury in 1926. He held this position until his death in 1933.


2018G Davies17.66 mph
2017J Routledge25.72
2016G Davies15.53 mph
2015A Waterson25.85 mph
2014A Waterston25.74 mph
2013I Bryan24.853 mph
2012I Bryan23.618mph
2011B Johnson26.18mph
2010A Hale24.231mph
2009J Allen24.356mph
2008P Manners24.574mph
2007J Allen24.368mph
2006P Manners24.250mph
2005P Manners24.326mph
2004G Grehs23.477mph
2003P Manners22.825mph
2002P Manners23.451mph
2001P Manners23.128mph
1999S Walton25.054mph
1998P Manners24.121mph
1996G Grehs24.095mph
1995P Wildsmith26.274mph
1994P Wildsmith25.903mph
1993P Wildsmith26.755mph
1992P Wildsmith26.060mph
1991P Wildsmith25.549mph
1990S Walton24.211mph
1989S Walton24.265mph
1988I Vaughan23.227mph
1987P Manners23.792mph
1986P Manners23.506mph
1985P Manners24.318mph
1984P Manners23.875mph
1983J Watson24.391mph
1982J Watson24.345mph
1981J Watson24.035mph
1980C Watson23.372mph
1979J Joseph24.320mph
1978J Joseph24.861mph
1977J Joseph24.525mph
1976J Joseph23.858mph
1975C Anderson23.725mph
1974G Anderson22.470mph
1973D Longstaff23.105mph
1972D Todd23.445mph
1971E Wilkinson 
1970E Wilkinson 
1969E Wilkinson 
1968E Wilkinson 
1967C Davison 
1966N Brown 
1965N Brown 
1964J Dixon 
1963G Grehs 
1962A Wilson 
1961C Stokoe 
1960A Vaughan 
1959A Vaughan 
1958A Vaughan 
1957J Buckle 
1956J Buckle 
1955J Buckle 
1954A Ritchie 
1953L Shields 
1952T Tindale 
1951J Walton 
1950R W Taylor 
1949L H Hall 
1948R W Taylor 
1947D L Spooner 
1946N T Kiery 
1945N T Kiery 
1944N T Kiery 
1940R Tiplady 
1939T Lumley 
1938T Lumley 
1937T Lumley 
1936T Lumley 
1935R Johnson 
1933R Johnson 
1932R Johnson 
1931J Wilton 
1930R Moore 
1929J Pitts 
1928H Stephenson 
1927R Jordan 
1926G Collier 
1925E Mortimer 

The Jack Burnley  trophy is awarded to the fastest Barnesbury rider on handicap time, who completes the Barnesbury Open 25.

This trophy was presented to the Club by Mrs Burney in memory of her husband Jack. Jack was a popular and enthusiastic Club member for many years having joined in 1936. Jack also held several official positions in the Club including Dance Secretary and was a Club Auditor until his death in 1958.


2020S Richardson01:06:36 (54:32 HCap)
2018G Davies01:21:34 (55:34 HCap)
2017S McIntosh01:04:11 (44:11 HCap)
2016S Dodd01:02:34 (48:34 HCap)
2015S Clark00:57:13 (56:13 HCap)
2014G Hodgson01:00:26
2013D Madden 00:59:27
2012I Bryan01:02:12
2011B Johnson 00:55:59
2010C Horton 01:01:42
2009M French 01:15:41
2008A Hale 01:03:31
2007E Potts 01:04:26
2005P Manners 01:01:24
2004L McGovern 01:06:58
2003P Manners 01:03:19
2002J Cann 01:02:41
2001P Manners 01:01:36
2000R Carr 01:03:46
1999S McIntosh 01:01:48
1998P Manners & R Nichol00:56:44 & 01:05:44
1997P Manners 00:59:52
1996G Grehs 00:59:57
1995C N Gray 01:02:45
1994B Nichol 00:59:06
1993P Wildsmith00:55:02
1992S Walton 00:53:22
1991R Nichol01:04:44
1990C Chapman 01:00:54
1989Glen Turnbull 01:02:29
1988B Walton 01:07:14
1987B Tait01:00:42
1986B Tait 01:03:23
1985I Strong 01:03:49
1984T Hastie 01:07:01
1983C Sheppard01:04:57
1982G Anderson01:03:39
1981C Sheppard 01:04:59
1980K McGregor 01:06:26
1979H Taylor 01:04:14
1978I Walley 01:06:40
1977K Cunningham01:04:40
1976J Miller 01:05:39
1975T Lumley01:07:51
1974C Sanderson 01:05:40
1973A Thompson01:08:31
1972D Burn 01:09:11
1971I Robertson01:02:01
1970T Daglish 01:07:10
1969R Carlton 01:05:05
1968M Jackson01:05:52
1967E Wilkinson 01:00:55
1966E Potts 01:04:48
1965P Laidler01:04:20
1964N Brown 01:04:17
1963E Wylde01:04:10
1962C R Stokoe01:01:18
1961T Maguire 01:06:01
1960J G Scott 01:04:05

This is awarded to the veteran time trial champion.  This is open to competitors aged 40 years and over.  And is based on vets standard times over two ten mile TTs, two 25 mile TTs and one fifty mile TT.  (50 miles in either North East or Teeside).  The rider with the highest total of plus standard times wins the trophy. 

From the 2020 Season, the N&DCA 100, can count as a qualifying replacement for the 50.


2018G Davies-01:26:25
2017S McIntosh+00:05:38
2016G Davies-02:08:55
2015A Waterston 
2014A Waterston 
2013I Bryan 
2012I Bryan 
2011B Johnson 
2010J Allen 
2009P Manners 
2008P Manners 
2007P Manners 
2006P Manners 
2005P Manners 
2004G Grehs 
2003P Manners 
2002P Manners 
2001P Manners 
1998P Manners 
1995P Wildsmith 
1994P Wildsmith 
1993P Wildsmith 
1992P Wildsmith 
1991P Wildsmith 
1990P Wildsmith 
1989P Manners 
1988F Norris 
1987P Manners 
1986P Manners 
1985J Watson 
1984P Manners 
1983J Watson 
1982J Watson 
1981J Jones 
1980J Watson 
1979J Jones 
1978J Jones 
1977J Jones 
1976J Jones 
1975J Watson 
1974J Jones 

Awarded to the winner of the Barnesbury Open 25 Time Trial.

In 1950, the Barnesbury promoted its first “Invitation 25” in an attempt to encourage the best riders resident in Tyneside, Teesside, Cumberland and the North of Yorkshire to compete on local courses, and it was this that prompted Johnny Rankin to give to the Club an ornate silver cup for presentation to the winner of the event. After the “hour” had been beaten several times locally, the event was discontinued and the trophy was subsequently awarded to the winner of the Barnesbury Open 25. In 1970, Johnny suggested the trophy be modernised and the present silver trophy was made from the original.

Johnny Rankin joined the Barnesbury in late 1923 and gave many years of dedication to the Club and the sport and continued to do so until his death. Johnny also took an active role in the N & DCA.


2021Lewis WakeTeam Kirkley Cycles 48:25
2020Tom HutchinsonTeam Kirkley Cycles 48:54
2019Adam WildGS Metro 48:40
2018Adam WildGS Metro 50:41
2017Keith MurrayDRAG2ZERO (00:51:02)
2016Keith MurrayDRAG2ZERO (00:50:31)
2015Keith MurrayStrategic Lions (00:51:58)
2014Carl DonaldsonGS Metro (00:52:15)
2013C HumphreyAchieve (00:50:23)
2012J SturmanBlumilk (00:52:24)
2011K MurrayFerryhill Wheelers (00:51:29)
2010J TuckettActiv Cycles (00:52:24)
2009J Sturman Activ Cycles (00:51:21)
2008D MunnellyKB Cycles (00:53:15)
2007M HarrisNorthumbria Police CC (00:54:34)
2005M HarrisNorthumbria Police CC (00:54:55)
2004H WalkerPete Read Racing (00:52:26)
2003C IsatsMusselburgh RCC (00:54:22)
2002C IsatsMusselburgh RCC (00:53:08)
2001C IsatsSteve Goff Frames (00:53:00)
2000H WalkerPete Read Racing (00:52:41)
1999G BellTyne Velo (56:17)
1998J OxleyTeam Guru (52:14)
1997J WrightNorth East RT (51:56)
1996P WildsmithMiddridge CRT (54:38)
1995M AddinallNorth East RT (53:03)
1994H WalkerGS Metro (55:03)
1993J Wright North East RT (54:05)
1992M BradshawGS Metro (53:10)
1991M BradshawGS Metro (53:23)
1990M BradshawGS Metro (53:29)
1989P ChapmanGS Metro (57:46)
1988J JosephGS Metro (56:33)
1987M Bradshaw GS Metro (55:06)
1986R EvansWarwickshire RV (01:02:46)
1985P CunninghamGS Metro (01:00:10)
1984T GreenerTyne Electric/Hambro (58:37)
1983D GillingsTyne Velo (59:20)
1982J WaughGosforth RC/M Steels (58:56)
1981D BarronPreston Wheelers (01:01:26)
1980D RitchieBarnesbury CC (01:01:46)
1979D RitchieBarnesbury CC (01:01:52)
1978W ClaytonTyne RC (01:03:17)
1977T GreenerNS Poly (01:00:47)
1976T GreenerNS Poly (01:02:19)
1975T GreenerNS Poly (01:03:44)
1974D ReayConsett Wheelers (01:01:05)
1973HD ArmstrongTyne RC (00:57:47)
1972J WaughTyne RC (01:00:47)
1971D ReayHoughton CC (59:55)
1970D ReayHoughton CC (59:27)
1969H DonnellyCounty Wheelers (01:03:19)
1968D ReayTyne RC (58:29)
1967A Kirk/LE OrrickLong Eaton Para/Newcastle Cheviot (01:02:48)
1966D ReayTyne RC (59:18)
1965D ReayGosforth RC (59:49)
1964D ReayGosforth RC (01:01:07)
1963I WatsonBorder City Wheelers (01:02:46)
1962I WatsonBorder City Wheelers (01:01:56)
1961W ClaytonTyne RC (01:00:53)
1955JR GeddesLiverpool Unity CC (00:59:00)
1954G IanMansfield Victoria CC (01:00:35)
1952B TooleTeeside RC (01:01:56)
1951EV MitchellGlasgow United CC (01:00:01)
1950PG DugganLeeds St Christopher (01:01:24)

Awarded to the fastest Barnesbury rider in the Barnesbury Hilly 21 mile time trial. 


2024J MacLean01:02:32
2023Z Haigh00:48:32
2022John Routledge00:49:33
2021John Routledge00:47:10
2020-Not Ran - Covid-19
2019John Routledge00:47:10
2018-Not Ran - Weather
2017John Routledge00:52:42
2016Neil Payton00:49:54
2015Terry Wilkinson00:50:00
2014N Payton00:51:22
2013N Payton00:52:33
2012N Payton00:50:12
2011B Johnson00:54:47
2009G Turner00:59:46
2008J Cann00:53:14
2007J Allen01:03:07
2006J Cann00:56:57
2005J Cann00:53:25
2003B Nichol00:55:25
2002E Potts00:56:57
2000E Potts00:57:51
1999S McIntosh00:54:51
1998C Bennell00:53:52
1997R Longstaff00:57:08
1996E Potts00:59:50
1995P Wildsmith00:53:30
1994P Wildsmith00:53:12
1993P Wildsmith00:54:47
1992G Grehs01:00:04
1991S Walton00:51:18
1990G Turnbull00:51:56
1989I Norris00:49:58
1988M McVittie00:49:18
1987I Norris00:50:02
1986H Walker00:50:05
1985H Walker00:52:59
1984I Norris00:51:56
1983I Flowers00:51:57
1982T Renwick00:52:10
1981R Stokoe00:52:17

Awarded to the Barnesbury youth/junior time trial best all-rounder.  Based on times over 10 and 25 mile TTs on N & DCA courses.  The highest average speed wins.


1972D Longstaff23:423

Awarded to the fastest team of 3 riders fro any cycling club in the Barnesbury Hilly 21 Open Time Trial. This wooden shield is named in honour of Paul Wildsmith.


2023Muckle CCA Milne/J Bowman/H Storey 02:23:55
2022Velo CultureJ Pitt/P Hall/ H Hall 02:24:32
2021Team Kirkley CyclesWake/Smith/MacBride 02:21:33
2020-Not Ran - Covid-19
2019TS Racing Team - OTRSmart/Smith/Pugh 02:32:25
2018-Not Ran - Weather
2017GS MetroDonaldson/Hall/Lane 02:24:15
2016GS Metro 
2015GS Metro 
2014GS Metro 
2013GS Metro 
2012Teesdale CRC 
2011Teesdale CRC 
2009Altura RT 
2006Dewentside CC 
2005Zeus CRT 
2004Zeus CRT 
2003Zeus CRT 

Awarded annually to the winner of the Open 50 mile time trial (initially awarded to the 1st handicap winner in the event).

This trophy is a two handled silver cup and was presented to the club by Mr & Mrs Beveridge in memory of their son Roy Beveridge who lost is life whilst serving aboard H.M.S Hood in 1942.

Roy had a great love for cycling and in particular touring. In addition to a bicycle, Roy rode a tricycle with great success especially in the longer distance events.

In 1939 Roy broke the Clubs Newcastle-York and back record with a time of 9 Hours and 46 Minutes. This record still stands today.


2016Carl Donaldson01:45:59
2015C Donaldson01:59:23
2014C Donaldson01:48:59
2012J Sturman01:48:28
2007H Walker01:52:39
2006W Mitchelson01:53:36
2002M Sladdin01:56:43
2001D McCready01:58:17
2000G Bell01:55:49
1999S Walton01:56:39
1998H Walker01:51:13
1997D Aitkenhead01:55:13
1996P Wildsmith01:56:36
1995P Wildsmith01:51:11
1994H Walker01:55:28
1993H Walker01:53:02
1992H Walker01:53:08
1991P Wildsmith02:00:23
1990M Bradshaw01:55:43
1989P Chapman01:54:09
1988M Bradshaw01:51:45
1987M Bradshaw01:56:13
1986M Bradshaw01:57:22
1985M McVittie01:58:59
1984M McVittie02:04:49
1983J Joseph01:57:44
1982D Gillings02:01:44
1981M McVittie02:02:16
1980I Urwin02:01:01
1979M Redshaw01:59:14
1978T Greener01:58:30
1977T Greener02:03:10
1976T Greener02:04:05
1975W Clayton02:07:40
1974D K Reay02:02:54
1973W Clayton02:07:53
1972J Waugh02:05:42
1971D K Reay02:01:46
1970H D Armstrong02:01:05
1969D K Reay 
1968D K Reay 
1967D K Reay 
1966D K Reay 
1965D K Reay 
1964D K Reay 
1943Fred Ruffle02:18:50 (-07:40 hcap). 1st Year Trophy Awarded.

Awarded to the winner of the Sam Walton Memorial Border Trophy Road Race. Formerly the Border Trophy, but renamed in memory of Sam Walton.

The tophy is dated 1908, however the original base went missing around 1985, and as such we have no information of winners prior to this date - if you can help us fill in the gaps, then please get in touch.


2018John ArchibaldRibble Cycles
2017Jake TannerCycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
2016-Not Ran
2015-Not Ran
2014Martin FordPrivate member
2013Scott McCrossanRock to Roll
2012Kit GilhamHerbalife / Lakes Bikes
2011Robert HassanEndura / Pedal Power Development Team
2010Chris NewtonRapha/Condor/Sharp
2009Peter WilliamsCandi TV
2008A KayYork Cycleworks
2007A Kay York Cycleworks
2004Daniel FoxFox's Cycles
2001David CookMiddridge CRT
2000J MuirYork Cycleworks
1999J MuirYork Cycleworks
1998W RandleRace Scene Van Tuyl
1992Simon TelfordRidley CC
1991Simon TelfordRidley CC
1989M AddinallBradford Wheelers
1987G LumbV.C. York
1986G LumbV.C. York
1985W GibbJohnston Weelers
1984T GreenerTyne Electric
1983Pete LongbottomManchester Wheelers
1981Pete LongbottomManchester Wheelers
1978Paul BlackettGosforth RC
1977Dave WatsonGosforth RC
1976Tony GornallClayton Velo
1975R ChildesCleveland Coureurs
1970Ernie Potter*
1968Tom McElvogueWest End RC
1961Arthur Metcalfe*

The Stan Sadler Trophy is awarded to the fastest novice in the Club 25 mile time trial.  To be classed as a novice you must not have won any championships (for any club) or Barnesbury trophies before.

This silver 3 handled bowl was presented to the club by Mr W Stan Sadler in 1939. Stan joined the Barnesbury in 1926. Although Stan’s great cycling love was touring, he also enjoyed racing and bicycle polo. Stan took an active interest in Club affairs and held various positions including Dance Secretary and Vice President. Stan was always interested in encouraging young members and it was this that gave him the idea of presenting to the Club a perpetual trophy for competition among the novices.


2018-No Riders eligible
2017S Underhill01:04:19
2016S Dodd01:02:34
2015S Clark 
2014T Waterston 
2013D Madden 
2012I Bryan 
2011S Watson 
2009C Horton 
2008M French 
2007A Hale 
2004L McGovern 
2002J Cann 
2000R Carr 
1996C Surman-Wells 
1992W Campbell 
1991C Gray 
1990B Walton 
1989C Chapman 
1988D Stewart 
1987R Thompson 
1986J Bland 
1985M McGovern 
1984S Peacock 
1983I Norris 
1982P Manners 
1981B Aitchison 
1980R Stokoe 
1979D Swailes 
1978D Ritchie 
1977T Taylor 
1976T Renwick 
1975D Shuster 
1974J Joseph 
1973A Thompson 
1972D Burn 
1971D Longstaff 
1970J Gray 
1969R Denholm 
1968D Graham 
1967D Coltman 
1966E Wilkinson 
1965P Laidler 
1964N Brown 
1963E Wylde 
1962P Williams 
1961J Dixon 
1960I Smith 
1959H Calow 
1958G Scott 
1957T Charlton 
1956H Milburn 
1955K Maughan 
1954E Shields 
1953A Vaughan 
1952L Shields 
1949A B Lang 
1948J J Leonard 
1947RE Turnbull 
1946W Gallagher 
1945R A Taylor 
1944L Hall 
1943R W Taylor 
1942D L Spooner 
1941N Brodie 
1940R Bainbridge 
1939L Tinkler 
1938A Graham 
1937R Rust 

Is awarded to the club ten mile champion, this is based on performances by Barnesbury riders in the club ten mile series.  A riders six best performances are taken into account.  In each club ten, points are awarded to Barnesbury riders, so technically you don't have to have the fastest time to win.


2018J Routledge21:08 / 60 Points
2017D Meggison21:03 / 60 Points
2016J Johnson23:05 / 46 Points
2015N Payton 
2014N Payton21:21
2013N Payton21.43
2012N Payton22.09
2011B Nichol22.39
2010B Nichol23.12
2009B Nichol23.47
2008A Hale23.59
2007J Cann22.02
2006J Cann22.31
2005J Cann22.40
2004J Cann22.04
2003B Nichol23.05
1984T GreenerTyne Electric
1972D Todd23:42

Awarded to the king of the mountains champion in the Sam Walton Memorial Border Trophy road race.


2016-Not Ran
2015-Not Ran
2014Ben HetheringtonAchieve Skinnergate
2013Duncan MoraleeStrategic Lions
2012Simon BaxterHerbalife / Lakes Bikes
2011K GilhamSigmaSport Specialized
2010Chris NewtonRapha/Condor/Sharp
2009D ApplebyCandi TV
2008Kit GilhamKinesis UK
2007A KayYork Cycleways
2004K SmithMTS Cyclesport
2001D CookMiddridge CRT
2000J MuirYork Cycleworks
1999I HellawellMiddridge CRT
1998A JacksonTeam Specialized
1992W MitchinsonAshington RC
1989Ian NorrisBarnesbury CC
1987N DunnFerryhill Wheelers
1986Paul BellBarnesbury CC
1985J WrightTyne Velo
1984G FirthHoughton CC
1983P LongbottomManchester Wheelers
1982K LambertFalcon
1981P LongbottomManchester Wheelers
1980P BlackettGosforth RC
1979J AndersonV.C.E
1978Ray WeatherellNewcastle Cheviot
1977J AndersonV.C.E
1976A CornallKeighley RC
1975K SinclairV.C.E